Saturday 10 November 2018

U-FOES - Whiteout (Album Review)

Release date: November 2nd 2018. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Whiteout – Tracklisting

1.Ice Queen 04:39
2.No More No More 02:14
3.Blessed Are The Deaf 05:01
4.The Getaway 04:03
5.Massive Star 02:43
6.Lies Refined A Thousand Times 02:45
7.Identity Lost 03:54
8.The Neverending End 04:00


Marcus Forsgren - Guitar
Peter Rudolfsen - Drums
Anders Voldrønning - Vocal


Whiteout is the debut album Norwegian Hardcore/Sludge/Punk Rock mob – U-FOES. This album is very much in your face from the start and the band make no apologies for that. Their music has been described as the bastard offspring of The Melvins, Torche and Slayer and truth be told that’s a pretty accurate description.

There is no point in doing a song-by-song review of this album as it’s best to enjoy the album in one full violent sitting. As U-FOES leave no stone unturned in creating a highly volatile atmosphere. The band change their styles of music throughout the album and it can be quite hard to follow at times but you can never call this album boring. As Whiteout has a wide range of different sounds and moods that are very hard to categorize.

U-FOES may struggle with the lyrical content at times but it’s the action-packed music that saves the day. As this album remains gloriously violent and heavy from the start. Standout songs include: Ice Queen, Blessed Are The Deaf, Identity Lost and The Neverending End.

The production is handled by the band’s guitarist, Marcus and he does a damn fine job of keeping everything together with the album sounding great for the most part. There are a few rough edges here and there but other than that, Whiteout is a superb sounding album and matches the pissed-off attitude U-FOES create here.

If you’re in the mood for an album that will kick the living shit out of you then Whiteout is the album for you. it’s never going to win any musical awards but for sheer genuine full-throttle excitement then U-FOES are ahead of the competition….

Words by Steve Howe


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