Friday 16 November 2018

When The Boss Took On The Helmet - Alex Hurst Interviews BARBARIAN HERMIT

Barbarian Hermit are a UK Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal Band who have been making a name for themselves recently with their own style of heavy music.

The band have just released their stunning new album Solitude And Savagery which is currently receiving a ton of great reviews.

I’ll include the official press bio about the band below.

Hailing from Manchester, UK, BARBARIAN HERMIT are scheduled to release their album Solitude and Savagery on November 16th via APF Records. The quintet play a heady mix of down-tuned, fuzz-laden guitars kicking out some of the raunchiest riffs in rock over elephantine grooves to create a sound that is as irresistibly catchy as it is crushingly heavy.

Working with the legendary Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studios, the producer behind such mammoth sounds as Electric Wizard, Conan, Primordial, Witchsorrow, Winterfylleth and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, OLD), BARBARIAN HERMIT’s Solitude and Savagerybears seven bruising tracks of pummelling groove metal that smoulders with swampy rawness and feral energy.

The band have been gigging heavily around the UK for the last few years. Recently, playing at big events like HRH festival, Bloodstock Festival and supporting big names like Raging Speedhorn, Dopelord and Crowbar. Their debut self-titled EP came out in early 2016 and received rave reviews from the press and will follow this up with their debut album Solitude and Savagery which is set for release from APF Records in November 2018.

Now I normally interview the bands on the blog. However, we have something different for you today. As we have a special guest interviewing Barbarian Hermit. 

Step forward, Alex Hurst. Alex is the lead singer from BOSS KELOID who released one of the best albums of the year with Melted On The Inch. So take it away Alex…


Hello there you bunch of barbarian bastards. It is I Alexander John Leslie Hurst from the band Boss Keloid and I demand you please answer these questions as honestly as you can with no hesitation or delay.

1- Where does the name of the band originate from?

Ed - One day, early on in the band, we were at practice and we had a strange experience. A lightning bolt shot through us all and ended up being absorbed by Mike. He levitated, glowing; uttering the words "Barbarian Hermit" before his guitar flew up to him and he churned out the riff that is now "No Sleep".

2- You have 5 members in the band, if you were to add a 6th what would that said members role be?

Adam - It would be good to have a sauciére on stage with us, keeping a constant supply of thick, delicious gravy simmering away. Like nu metal bands have DJs on the decks, our guy would be creating sweet music with a stove top cooker.

3- A rumour has been floating about that you have been dishing out gravy at your shows. What is your preference in consistency of your gravy?

Gaz - The rumours are true my dude! For best results the following recipe must be followed…

  • Big Daddy Reegs’ riff stock 
  • Texbook Robertshaw thickening groove 
  • Spadge Fafners bottom end juice 
  • Gaz’s hench beats 
  • Eds vocal seasoning 
Recommended to be served at loud volumes with accompanying gravy boat full of Buckfast.

Mmmmmm. Gravy.

4- Your new album “Solitude & Savagery” sounds bloody great (I have had a sneek preview. As I sing on a track I only think that’s fair). How long was the process of writing these songs, was it an intense process or did the songs & riffs flow out of you with ease?

Gaz - We started writing as soon as the new line up was in place. All in all the process took about 9 months. Once we started, the riffs and ideas came thick and fast. We were focussed on writing the best most interesting songs we could, and had a good idea of what sort of vibe we wanted so they came together quite organically. We were adamant that we had to challenge ourselves at every stage and we think that helped us stay focused. We’re incredibly proud of what we created and how the record turned out.

5- What albums are you listening to and digging at the moment

Ed - Obsolete by Fear Factory. It's a great example of a concept album and an apt vision of the dark night of our soul by way of the singularity, setting into motion our own destruction. I love that as it means the opposite is also true, we hold both doom and hope within us. Even in the abyss, a light always shines.

Adam - The new one by The Prodigy 'No Tourists’ SLAPS! I've barely listened to anything else since it came out.

Gaz - Intronaught: The Direction Of Last Things. Loads goin on on this album. Proper groovin my truffles!!!

Rob - Coheed & Cambria: The Unheavenly Creatures.

Mike - Cypress Hill: Elephants on Acid

6- If Andrew Field (Aka APF Records, your label) was in a burning building and he had the only master of your new album but you could only save one or the other then what would be your barbarian choice?

Mike - Easy. Mr Field is a man of many names, such as “Uncle Dad”, “The Sambuca Leprechaun” and “Pretty Bollocks”. His most abiding sobriquet however is SATAN. For reasons that we could not and should not discuss. Given this infernal denomination I’m pretty sure he’d fair well in high temperatures and stroll out of said blaze with his faculties intact.

That said, we’re pulling our panties aside at the mere suggestion of returning to Sky Hammer to record again so starting the album from scratch would be something of an indulgence.

7- What are your up & coming touring / gigging plans and will we be seeing different varieties of gravy and gravy serving devices at these shows?

Mike - We’re currently in negotiations pertaining to a European Tour with a band who shall remain undisclosed at this time. Suffice it to say that they are fat, loud, evil and highly skilled at cannabis and kebabs. Our kind of people. There’s some serial killer obsessed cultic weirdo’s in Japan who might be interested in having us over for a Netflix and chill soon too..

We’re always in the hermitage diligently taking watch over the gravy cauldron and summoning the ancient gravy gods to bless our secret sauce. The delivery apparatus is usually anything that takes our fancy in the heat of the moment. It could be a penis, a dog, or the head of a decapitated DJ who blocked our van in with his Dad’s car. Anything really!

8- Your guitar player Mike is known to some as the “sexy big boy who will f**k you with his 6 string toy”. Would you say this is a fair representation of him?

Rob - Yes, but it's also an understatement to say the most. He goes by many names. Reegs. Big Daddy Reegs. Uncle Thunder. The Octagon. Ginger Flash. Tennents Superman. Alan Titchmarsh. Mike.

He's a tree dwelling, phone losing, baby-making gravy waterfall.

He's the eye of Thundera who gives us sight beyond sight. But most importantly, he's our cuddly little riff machine. And he WILL hunt you for sport.

9- If you could get your music in any film as a soundtrack, what film would you choose?

Ed - While tempted to say something sinister, dark or multi faceted like a Dario Argento, David Lynch, Darren Aronofsky or Guillermo Del Toro movie… I'd be inclined to say the next Avengers movie… but I'll say the Thomas the Tank Engine movie because we had a nod to him in our video to “Burn the Fire" and because my son loves trains!

10- describe your barbaric sound in no more than 4 words

Adam - Hench riffs. Creamworthy grooves.

11- Last of all. If Boss Keloid and barbarian Hermit were to have a baby what would be the gender and the name of the beautiful child

Rob - It wouldn't be human. It would be an entire planet. With a giant cock and balls and heroically beautiful tits. And its title would be Maxton the Powerful - Ruler of Fuck Town.

Words by Alex Hurst and BARBARIAN HERMIT

Thanks to Lisa at Hold Tight PR! for arranging this awesome interview. Thanks to the guys for doing the interview.

Solitude And Savagery is available to buy now on CD/DD via APF Records now.

Here's the new video for BLACK MASS from their stunning new album Solitude And Savagery.

Pre-order the album from:

Forthcoming gigs 

ALBUM LAUNCH WITH BATTALIONS  - 16/11 - Solitude & Savagery Album Launch @ The Refectory, Manchester

17/11 - Dark City 2018, Northern Monk Brewery, Leeds
22/12 - Rebellion Christmas Party, Manchester