Thursday 26 December 2019

Steve Howe - Best Albums Of 2019

2019 didn't get off to the best of starts for myself personally speaking. I originally announced that I would be shutting down the blog back in Jan 2019. However, 6 weeks later I announced my return. I needed some time away to reflect on things and decided to carry on.

I needed the break away but it made me realised that I would miss what we do at Outlaws Of The Sun too much. 

It's been a great year for music and we couldn't run this blog without your support. Same goes for the bands, record labels and PR Reps who allows us to do what we do.

Thanks for all your support. It means a lot to us all.

Thanks to the entire team and the hard work they've put in over the last twelve months.

I also want to thank the following folks for their support and friendship over the last 12 months which got me through some rough times - Bucky Brown, Bill Goodman, Billy Goate, Heddbuzz and Michael William Petry  

Huge honourable mentions to GIZMO, Marty Harvey, Matthew Thomas of Taste Nation LLC and Frazer Jones of Desert Psychlist.

Best Albums Of 2019
  1. Slomatics - Canyons
  2. Torche - Admission
  3. Monolord - No Comfort
  5. Solar Halos - Coiled Light
  6. Solace - The Brink
  7. IRATA - Tower
  8. Mars Red Sky - The Task Eternal
  9. Colour Out Of Space - Colour Out Of Space
  10. Howling Giant - The Space Between Worlds
  11. Mammoth Storm - Alruna
  12. Problem With Dragons - Ascendant
  13. Pseudo Mind Hive - Of Seers And Sirens
  14. Palace In Thunderland - The King Of The Empty Aeons
  15. DO – Astral Death Cult
  16. Wizard Rifle - Wizard Rifle
  17. Yawning Man - Macedonian Lines
  18. Oreyeon - Ode To Oblivion
  19. Red Beard Wall - The Fight Needs Us All
  20. Cities Of Mars - The Horologist
  21. Faerie Ring - The Clearing
  22. Firebreather - Under A Blood Moon
  23. Ecstatic Vision - For The Masses
  24. Swan Valley Heights - The Heavy Seed
  25. Horseburner - The Thief
Words by Steve Howe