Wednesday 18 December 2019

Monotonist - Destinesia (EP Review)

Release date: October 07th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Destinesia – Tracklisting

1.Drinks, Drugs & Depression 03:37
2.Homesick 03:05
3.Daymare Dilemma 04:37
4.Nosedive 02:16
5.Wooden Shards 05:5


S. U. - vocals
M. T. - guitar
T. H. - bass/vocals
C. H. - drums/vocals


Destinesia is the new EP from Sludge/Grunge/Fuzz Rock quartet Monotonist. I’ll be brutally honest and say this isn’t the best produced EP currently out there. Though the band do have a quite an interesting and varied sound that’s quite different and addictive in places. As the band play a mixture of Sludge, Grunge, Fuzz and Noise Rock with a twisted Industrial Punk Rock sensibility.

The EP lasts for 20 minutes though it’s packed full or harsh grooves and nightmarish noises but the band still include a few “poppier” moments within the EP. The vocals fall within the Sludge/Punk style of vocals but they’re quite easy to fully understand.

Though it’s the music where Monotonist impress the most as they play a powerful style of Sludge/Grunge/Noise Rock with a devilish Fuzz Rock groove hidden in the background. The EP is quite socially aware and the band’s lyrics reflect this throughout.

For a debut EP this is a promising start for Monotonist and I want to hear more from the band. Though it has to be with better production values. They have the talent and vision to go a long way. Lets hope their next release isn’t too far away.

Check these guys out. As they’re definitely worth your time. Fantastic stuff….

Words by Steve Howe


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