Saturday 21 December 2019

THAL - The Harvesting (Album Review)

Release date: December 20th 2019. Label: Overlook Hotel Records. Format: CD/DD

The Harvesting – Tracklisting

1.Scythe 01:22
2.The Harvesting 03:49
3.Shroud 03:32
4.Tonguerazor (feat Margherita Bandini) 05:55
5.Savage 04:46
6.Primeval 03:36
7.Lifeline 06:28
8.Tombs 03:56
9.Amphetamine 05:07


John "Vince Green" Walker - Vocals, Guitars and Bass
Kevin Hartnell - Drums, Guitars and Synth


The Harvesting is THAL (Those Heathens Are Loose) 3rd album and the band continue to evolve their style of Doom/Stoner Metal to a more classic style of Hard Rock/Metal. The album is quite intense places with the THAL offering a lot more groovier sounds that have quite a NOLA-esque style especially with the lyrics. With this being the band’s 3rd album they do try a lot of different things on this record compared to their previous two albums and it works superbly well.

The songs are way more progressive despite the short running times of some of the songs. THAL play a twisted variety of Hard Rock/Metal on The Harvesting with the Doom/Stoner Metal riffs being the main glue that holds everything together. Shades of 70s/80s Heavy Metal are thrown in just for the sheer hell of it. Despite THAL being a two-man operation this album feels there is just more than Vince and Kevin in their ranks. With the vocals being quite different in places.

The standout songs on The Harvesting are: The Harvesting, Shroud, Tonguerazor, Lifeline and Amphetamine. As these songs have the heaviest songs on the album and where THAL progressive further musically than I’ve ever heard from the band. If you’re a fan of Black Sabbath, Black Label Society, Crowbar and DOWN then THAL is the place for you to be. As you can feel those influences raging through this album and then some. The album is dense and heavy with the album creating a bleak atmosphere which matches the dark imagery contained on the album cover.

The production is very good indeed. There are a couple of raw sounding moments but I feel that’s what the band wanted the album to sound like. The Harvesting is less optimistic and more controlling than previous THAL releases. However, this shows that THAL have a more grown-up and mature sound and it’s good to see the band take more creative risks with their music.

My final words of advice for this album is: Crank that dial up to 11 and ROCK THE HELL OUT WITH THAL

Words by Steve Howe