Saturday 28 December 2019

ULTRACOMBO - Season 1 (EP Review)

Release date: September 16th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Season 1 – Tracklisting

1.The King 05:26
2.Sparatutto 03:50
3.Gravità 04:41
4.Flusso 06:13
5.Il momento in cui non penso 03:42


Voice: Alessio Guarda
Bass: Giordano Pajarin
Drum: Flavio Gola
Guitar: Alberto Biasin
Guitar: Giordano Tasson


ULTRACOMBO released their debut record Season 1 way back in September 2019 and I’ve only recently discovered them. The band play a fast and loose style of Psychedelic Stoner Metal and Doom Metal with a modern twist. The vocals are quite fresh and varied for this record. The band feel influenced by KYUSS, SLEEP, QOTSA and Red Fang but with the FUZZ ROCK grooves of TRUCKFIGHTERS.

Opening song – The King – reigns supreme as the standout song of this EP with heavy precise grooves and heavy psychedelic overtones of fast-paced Doom/Stoner riffs with a twinge of Desert/Fuzz Rock in the background. This is a mighty confident song and ULTRACOMBO are in fine boisterous form with their aggressive lyrics and passionate vocals allow the band to impress from the start.

Second song – Sparatutto – is a more fast-paced affair with the band adding a more aggressive streak to their music. The song feels inspired driving along at a crazy fast pace along the Californian Desert. So this is most definitely a Desert/Stoner Metal song and ULTRACOMBO don’t let you forget that. The music has quite an alternative feel to it in places whilst not as polished as the opening song still offers a few thrills and spills along the way.

Third song – Gravità – is what would happen if QOTSA kept their early Desert/Stoner Rock vibe but with a modern sound. The song is quite straight forward but it’s what ULTRACOMBO do with that sound to make it such an exciting listen. The vocals are great and match the energetic guitars that are played to a fast rhythm.

The final two songs - Flusso and l momento in cui non penso – carry on the Alternative style of Desert/Stoner Metal riffs with deep flourishes of Fuzz/Desert and Psychedelic Rock being added as well. The end result is a rich and deeply satisfying EP that allows ULTRACOMBO to make their mark and impressive almost anyone who will listen to this record.

With Season 1 being over I hope there is multiple SEASONS to come from ULTRACOMBO as the band impressed me highly with their debut EP. Lets hope SEASON 2 isn’t too far away…

Words by Steve Howe