Monday 12 July 2021

Desert Druid and the Acid Caravan - The VVitch (EP Review)


Release Date: July 2nd 2021. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

The VVitch -  Tracklisting

1.The VVitch 03:28

2.Total Madness 04:19

3.Mistress of Black Heart 05:04

4.Witching Hour 01:45


F. Klinger - Vocals/Bass
Nass - Vocals/Guitar
E. L - Drums


The VVitch is the debut EP from Desert Druid and the Acid Caravan. Another upcoming Occult Doom/Stoner Rock band from the South American scene with this band coming all the way from Brazil. The EP shows off the bands love for all things Occult based with Horror Movies and Music being the main weapons for the band to use on this EP. The production isn’t the best and it does suffer from lo-fi feedback along the way but that could be a creative choice from the band. As it does give this EP a more creepy and slightly vintage 70s Hard Rock Metal feel.

Opening song - The VVitch - has classic Black Sabbath grooves matched against almost modern day Uncle Acid style lyrical content but these guys go slightly darker with some top-notch “Electric Wizard” amplifier distortion and riff-worship.

Second song - Total Madness - is a stop-start based song with a scattered approach and works for the most part. It’s what you expect and need for an Occult based Doom/Stoner Metal track. The music is key here with the vocals being too low to hear at times but there’s some excellent creative ideas creeping in the background with Desert Druid and the Acid Caravan playing fully to the spirit of Occult Rock/Metal genre conventions.

Third song - Mistress Of The Black Heart - is the standout song on the EP with the band exploring the gloomy atmospherics with fantastically heavy distorted riffs leading the way. The song perfectly captures what Desert Druid and the Acid Caravan are trying to achieve for their debut release with their affectionate nods and tributes to classic horror movies and Doom Metal bands such as Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus tough there’s a real Sludgy Punk attitude that can be heard within the vocals.

The final song - Witching Hour - was the wrong song to end the EP with. As I wanted something more substantial to leave the record with. It’s a very good song but it’s quite short and a collection of different sound effects set against a lo-fi guitar solo leaves you wanting more.

Desert Druid and the Acid Caravan have released a very good debut EP and they show a lot of potential for future releases. Give The VVitch a try and get on board with their more aggressive style of Occult Doom Rock/Stoner Metal. 

Words by Steve Howe


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