Friday 23 July 2021

Cape Town’s Hardcore Punk Rock union Alive At Midnight have released their snarling new single A House Divided.

Born from the gutters of the Mother City, Alive At Midnight are the product of a world gone bad. Today is the release of A House Divided, their new single and first with Mongrel Records.

Drawing inspiration from dive-bars, crashed cars and back ally conversations. There is no shortage of mind numbing and stomach-churning narrative on this often confusing and complex spinning ball we all call home and sometimes the only thing you can do is turn on the amps and spit in the mic.

The lyrics are a personal tale of being brought up in an unstable household and how the actions of your guardians can make you question your very existence. Shot at Kill City Blues, the video pays homage to the legendary recording studio and rehearsal space as the ban explains, “When we heard that Kill City Blues rehearsal studio was to be closed down, we seized the moment to film the last few days of its demise. From the closing party to the walls being torn down. KCB was a home to us and many Cape Town bands and musicians. A place we will never forget. R.I.P. KCB.

Watch the video below:

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