Saturday 3 July 2021

MURDOCK Releases new track “Vingança das Bruxas” and prepares the release of new EP

MURDOCK: heavy rock Brazilian quartet releases new track “Vingança das Bruxas” and prepares the release of new EP for August

Today the Brazilian band Murdock released their new single, the solid track "Vingança das Bruxas". Originally from Tijucas/SC the quartet mixes elements of Seventies Hard Rock, Stoner and Blues to produce their sound, and the new track efficiently captures the essence of their musicality with precise and dense riffs and great production.

About the song, declares the band:

Vingança das Bruxas” is the last track of our upcoming EP “Entre Tigres e Lobos” which will be released in August. The song brings all the weight and dark theme we've been looking for since the beginning of the band with long, melodic riffs inspired by the first albums of the bands Electric Wizard and Mephistopheles. The band sought to bring the roots from the beginning of the project, both in the composition and in the riffs and melodies, and tell a horror story with an epic ending where the Revenge of the Witches happens. This until then is the last song composed by the band, made to finish the EP. We are already thinking about the future of the band and starting new compositions with another kind of tuning for future projects”

Listen “Vingança das Bruxas”:


Guilherme Sezoski – guitar and vox
Rafael Rau – guitar
Pholl Gregório – bass
Guilherme Franco – drums