Saturday 24 July 2021

Lore City - Participation Mystique (Album Review)

Release Date: July 23rd 2021. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD/Vinyl

Participation Mystique -  Tracklisting

1.And Tomorrow 03:08

2.Once-returner 05:13

3.I Know You Know 04:24

4.Your Love 03:57

5.I Am the One 05:29

6.Parallel 06:01

7.Buttons 04:49

8.Original Feeling 07:23

9.Elapse 04:52


Laura Mariposa Williams (vocals, keyboard)

Eric Angelo Bessel (percussion, keyboard, guitar)


Progressive Art-Rockers Lore City return with their majestic new album Participation Mystique and it shows a new maturing sound from the band where they bring in more Psychedelic and Post Rock sounds which makes for a more interesting and heartfelt listen. The lush vocals arrangements and different musical melodies veer into the world of Prog Rock, Art Rock and Post Rock with a brooding Dark Wave style that’s quite innocent whilst holding a Gothic identity as well.

There’s not many LOUD and HEAVY riffs. It’s not Lore City’s style and never will be. There are quite a few gloomy moments with lead vocalist Laura shining from start to finish. The album is almost positively spiritual and this was a welcome diversion from the usual albums I review here. This is an album that takes you on an emotional journey but told mostly through the power of Art Rock and Psych Rock. 

The songs have hidden meanings and messages which I’m still trying to figure out. I should really be really focusing upon the wonderfully eclectic different styles of genres Lore City have used for this album but I’m focusing more upon the trippy lyrics and some of the way out there ambient sounds. 

If this album was released in the 1990s then it would have been considered a landmark release and one that we would still be talking about to this very day. It has similar creative ideas from the 90s Alt Rock scene but Lore City have spliced modern sounds into that aesthetic which left me wanting more but in a good way. 

Standout songs are: Once-returner, I Know You Know, I Am The One and Original Feeling.

Overall, I feel Participation Mystique is more suited to the “Art-Rock” crowd but I always admire albums that take you out of your comfort zone and impress you even further. I’ve heard Lore City’s previous albums but this is their best record to date especially with the Trance and Shamanistic moments that will leave you in a totally blissful and peaceful state where you can reflect on the finer moments in your life.

A truly hypnotic and majestic band that you should all discover and this album is perhaps the best place to start.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Lore City for the promo. Participation Mystique is available to buy on DD/Vinyl now.


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