Saturday 13 November 2021

Prehistoric Pigs - The Fourth Moon (Album Review)

Release Date: November 26th  2021. Record Label: Go Down Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

The Fourth Moon - Tracklisting


Old Rats


The Fourth Moon

Left Arm

Meteor 700


Juri Tirelli | guitar
Jacopo Tirelli | bass
Mattia Piani | drums


One of Italy’s premier Psychedelic Stoner Rock Bands return with their fourth album The Fourth Moon. Prehistoric Pigs new record sees the band move slightly away from their other albums sound by switching to a heavier, cosmic and more riffier style of music with their love for Californian Desert/Stoner Metal scene intact. The album is a trippy mix of Karma To Burn Heavy Instrumental Rock, KYUSS Desert/Stoner Metal raw sounds and maybe with a little Earthless/Hawkwind flavour sprinkled in for good measure.

The music is consistently heavy and moving along at a cracking Stoner Metal pace with high volumes and levels of Psychedelic Aggression which you can hear from the excellent opening song C35. A song with a doom and gloom presence in certain places with a raw sounding atmosphere for the drums to rule the roost with fuzzy guitars adding extra firepower.

Prehistoric Pigs are your classic “Power-Trio” setup but feel like they have more members in their ranks with the amount of different styles heard on the album. Opening song C35 even has elements of a Proggy Jazzy sounding vibe towards the later stages of the song.

The album isn’t as progressive as their previous efforts as the band have written songs lasting upto thirteen minutes in the past. Not so here with most of the songs lasting between five to six minutes in length. So it feels and sounds like they've trimmed all of the excess fat and released an album that gets straight down to business in bringing awesome grooves and psychedelic riffs.

Songs such as: Old Rats, Crototon and The Fourth Moon follow up next with Prehistoric Pigs bringing more delicious FUZZ based Desert/Stoner Metal songs with some cool Ambient sounds just to sound that little bit different even when the “Jazzy” and almost “Experimental” style of music you can rest assured you’re in good hands. With the band bringing some of the heaviest and fuzzed out moments on the best song that is the title track.

The album ends with the final two songs of Left Arm and Meteor 700. This continues with the refreshing and dynamic raw sounding atmosphere which allows Prehistoric Pigs to bring their best album since their acclaimed debut album Wormhole Generator which I reviewed back in the day on another blog I used to run but that’s another lifetime ago and maybe alternative dimension or universe.

The Fourth Moon is a fresh perspective on the Instrumental Stoner Rock/Metal scene. Some people may feel it’s the same old stuff but I implore everyone to give this a few spins to discover the hidden sounds on this action-packed and outstanding record.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Dominik at All Noir PR for the promo.

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