Wednesday 17 November 2021

Black Solstice - EMBER (Album Review)

Release Date: November 5th 2021. Record Label: Various. Format:CD/ DD/Vinyl

Ember - Tracklisting

1.Intervention 01:05

2.Firespawn 04:27

3.Ember 05:42

4.Calls from the demons 03:56

5.Signs of wisdom 04:29

6.Celestial convoy 01:20

7.Part of me 04:21

8.Sweet misery 04:43

9.Burned by the sun 05:46

10.If we fail 05:36


Ember is the debut album from Heavy Doomed Out Stoner Rockers Black Solstice who play under the banner of Doom Metal and Stoner Rock. However, that’s not entirely true as the band play elements of Classic Rock, Heavy Metal even some Progressive Sludge Rock. The term branded on their BandCamp Page “Riff-Rock” is the perfect description with Black Solstice being all about the MIGHTY RIFF or SPLIFF if you’re a devout Stoner Rock/Metal follower.

You can hear influences from artists such as UFO, Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath. Ember never feels out of place whatever genre the band put themselves in depending on the mood of the song. The album stretches across the very finest moments of Doom/Stoner Rock with a kick-ass Psychedelic based vibe. 

There’s a lot of fantastic old-school Classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal grooves that ruled the roost in the 1970s and 1980s heard on the excellent opening tracks of FIrespawn, Ember and Calls From The Demons.

There is a huge admiration for that classic Twin Guitar sound with Black Solstice throwing caution to the wind and playing some OTT epic grooves that land on the right side of STONER METAL COOL. The progressive sounds are plentiful with the heavy Psychedelic Doom and Gloomy moments allowing the vocals to impress from start to finish.

Maybe the album can be quite bombastic when you first listen to the record, as there are multiple different things going on. However, after a couple of spins you’ll feel right at home with Black Solstice and their devilish blend of Swedish High Voltage Stoner Rock.

The second half of the album may become more “Doom” orientated but there is still that sense of “Riff Rock” adventure heard on the earlier stages with later songs such as: Celestial Convoy, Part Of Me, Sweet Misery and Blurred By The Sun being the finest moments of the record. As they have the right style of heavy music to keep you entertained multiple different times. This is where the musicianship is perhaps the strongest and Black Solstice feel more confident on this part of the album.

The lyrics are quite hard-hitting and realistic on certain songs which allow this record to have a more "real-life" approach and I didn't expect that for this type of record. Check out Sweet Misery for a great example of this. Fantastic lyrics with a haunting emotional feeling to them.

Black Solstice are another welcome addition from the Swedish Stoner Rock Scene and Ember is an expertly produced package that offers brilliant entertainment. 

Words by Steve Howe

Ember is available to buy from the links below:

Digital - Black Solstice BandCamp Page

CD - Ozium Records

Vinyl - Majestic Mountain Records - Due Out in April 2022.


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