Monday 26 September 2022

Everest Queen - Murmurations (Album Review)

Date Released: September 30th 2022. Record Label: Trepanation Recordings. Formats: CD/DD/Cassette

Murmurations: Tracklisting

Sunken Thorn

Of Treachery And Shadows


Dormant River


The Burial


Adam C Taylor - Lead Vocals/Guitars

Tom Clements - Guitar, Synth, Vocals

Jimmy Long - Bass

Brad Cook - Drums, Vocals


Murmurations is the new album from Doom/Sludge Metallers Everest Queen and sees the band drift further into the Post-Metal arena compared to their previous album. This album is darker and more daring with the band moving between the Psychedelic Moments of the Doom/Sludge Metal grooves that appear on this album. 

Everest Queen opens the album up with Sunken Thorn. A song that is pitch-black and sees the band have a more Blackened and Progressive approach with their music. Shades of THOU and NEUROSIS can be felt here with a slightly twisted outlook being heard within the lyrical content of the song. The music is quite forward thinking in places with a twinge of Stoner Metal appearing here and there. The vocals are quite forceful and Everest Queen have a more commanding presence to them especially when the Psychedelic sounds appear that sees the riffs become quite plentiful on the later stages of the song.

Second song Of Treachery And Shadows is a more direct affair with a fantastic instrumental sound being played for the first few moments of the song. With the band adding perhaps a more mainstream metal sound that ventures between Post-Rock and Post-Metal with a cool Progressive sound giving way to the brutal harsh vocals when they appear. The song becomes ever more gloomy with the flashy guitars and frantic drumming. I easily understood the harsh growls which was an added bonus. There is a slight Hardcore flow to this song before some epic Progressive and Thrash based guitars show a more aggressive change of pace from the band. 

Third song Murmurations is a different change of pace with ambient sounds and textures merging with a semi-acoustic atmosphere. More Post-Rock compared to the aggressive sounds of the opening two tracks but showing another cool creative side to Everest Queen. There are shades of Nirvana on this track for myself especially with the subtle and powerful drumming and guitar tones.

Fourth song Dormant River feels like two different sounds with the first part being a surreal Psych Rock and Post Rock track with Ambient and Dreamy surreal sounds. The second half sees Everest Queen return to their aggressive and violent sound that flirts between Post-Metal and Blackened Sludge Metal energy. The vocals are demanding but fair with Everest Queen playing to their full creative potential on this track. This is my favourite track on the album as it shows you many different sides to Everest Queen that you wouldn't expect. 

The final two songs of Divergence and The Burial mix and match the different styles of Post-Rock, Psych Rock and Blackened Sludge Metal that evokes memories of YOB and ISIS (The Band) especially on Divergence. Both songs combine for an exciting finish for Everest Queen to impress listeners with their vast musical skills and songwriting ability.

Murmurations is an exciting chapter for Everest Queen to make themselves known with. Some fans may not like the bleak direction the band have taken with this release but this is a first rate album that's boosted by first rate production values.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Chris at Frenchie PR Trail for the promo.

Murmurations will be available to buy on CD/DD/Cassette via Trepanation Recordings from September 30th 2022.


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