Saturday 3 September 2022

Extermination Day - Be The Consequence (Album Review)

Release Date: August 5th 2022. Record Label: Hoove Child Records/Green Coyote Records. Format: CD/DD/Cassette

Be The Consequence - Tracklisting

1.Be The Consequence 02:59

2.Make Yer Bullets Count 02:24

3.The Exterminator 03:59

4.F-89 Scorpion 03:10

5.Ghetto Ghouls 02:19

6.Kill (Like a Motherfucker) 03:45

7.Telescopes on You 03:48

8.Crackin' Skulls 03:14

9.Street Brawler 01:59

10.Grip of the Grain 04:44


Nate Towle - guitars, vocals, bass, keyboards, songwriting and lyrics

Jason Oberuc - drums, percussion


Be The Consequence is the debut full length album from Punk/Heavy/Doom Metallers Extermination Day. This is a fast-paced and aggressive slab of 70s Punk Rock, NWOBHM, Heavy Metal and some modern day catchy Doom Metal grooves. The album is partially inspired by Seventies Classic Exploitation film The Exterminator which you can tell by the fantastic album cover. There’s even a song called The Exterminator on the album. So that’s a big clue indeed. 

Exterimnation Day is inspired by bands such as The Ramones, Motorhead, Trouble and Saint Vitus which is an interesting mix. The album revels with it’s forthright nature with the speed punk sounds being played at such a fast pace. The overall theme of this album is one of REBELLION and to STICK IT TO THE MAN. Maybe, inspired by the counterculture of Seventies “B” movies and underground music which you can feel in the boisterous lyrics contained within the first few tracks of Be The Consequence, Make Yer Bullets Count and The Exterminator. 

The production of the album is ROUGH and READY with the album sounding like it was recorded back in the 1970’s and only being discovered today by modern Doom Metal audiences. The Heavy Metal vibes moves between Speed Metal and Thrash Metal with a roguish charm and that’s perhaps down to the super-confident vocal performance of Nate Towle. I’ve been a fan of Nate’s ever since his work with Wicked Inquisition and Satan’s Satyrs. Nate embodies the rebellious Punk Rocker embracing the new dawn of Heavy Metal and this energy shines throughout this album.

The album maybe runs out of steam towards the end. However, this album is packed full of great songs that superbly showcases the classic sounds from the era of 70’s and 80’s Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. The modern day DOOM METAL grooves allow Extermination Day to be extremely relevant within today’s world and this is heard throughout on the album with the punchy and spiky lyrics.

Other standout tracks include: F-89 Scorpion, Ghetto Ghouls, Kill (Like A Motherfucker), Crackin’ Skulls and Grip Of The Grain.

Jason Oberuc impresses greatly on Drums and Percussion duties with Jason bringing the DOOM and GLOOM aspect to the album. Jason’s drumming skills are one of the best things about the album. As they bring real SOUL and MENACE to the album.

Be The Consequence is an album that will impress a lot of folks within the Punk Rock, Heavy Metal and Doom Metal underground scenes. If you miss the heavy SPEED METAL and PUNK ROCK days of Motorhead then Extermination Day is the next best thing.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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