Monday 12 September 2022

Solanhum - Rostratum (Album Review)

Date Released: 05th September 2022. Record Label: LSDR Records Formats: CD/DD

Rostratum: Tracklisting

Basti (Falling Into The Natural Realm)

Mrs DNA (R. Franklin)

Shame On You Crazy Balrog

Ariamnes (The Real Name Of A Facehugger)

Eis Sieben (Weedruid)


Gerardo Aries - Vocals/Guitars

Samuel Lopez - Drums


Juan Tamayo - Moog (Ariamnes)

Hector Fernandez - Keyboards (SOYBB)


Solanhum is the new band featuring members from Mexican Sonic/Psych Doomsters Vinnum Sabbathi with Samuel and Gerardo teaming up for this cool new project. The band play a blend of Alternative Rock, Fuzz Rock, Stoner Rock and Psych Rock. Their debut album Rostratum is full of fancy Progressive hooks and melodies which also sees the band add a Spaced Out attitude. Taking cues from All Them Witches, Truckfighters, Yawning Man and Vinnum Sabbathi for an album that's big on CREATIVE IDEAS and RIFFS from the very start.

The album does have a low-key atmosphere when the quieter moments are the main focus for the band. However, the album does have its fair share of Heavy Stoner grooves with a swirling Psychedelic Rock drive which you can fully experience within the excellent opening song Basti (Falling Into The Natural Realm). The song is purely instrumental with Gerardo and Samuel playing a more experimental style compared to their other bands such as Vinnum Sabbathi and Cegvera. A free-flowing Post-Rock sound gives way to a more Sludgier style of music that becomes more aggressive until the dying moments of the song.

Second song Mrs DNA (R. Franklin) takes a more classic Stoner Metal approach with a KYUSS thunderous sound with Alt Rock vocals shining through. The song also has classic Truckfighters FUZZ based sounds but still allowing Solanhum to be their own thing. There is a more sense of urgency on this track with the fast paced nature of it all. The lyrics have an 90's Alt Rock/Metal feel to them with the vocals perhaps aligned to that era of music as well. The instrumental work is superb with Solanhum doing their damn best playing a more DOOM based approach.

Third song Shine On Your Crazy Balrog is inspired by The Lord Of The Rings. Well, I'm assuming it is with Balrog being mentioned. If not, then Solanhum's take on All Them Witches based Americana Rock, is an absolute joy to listen to. A bit FOLK ROCK and BLUES ROCK in places but with a passionate Doom/Stoner Metal vibe that changes into an AMPLIFIER DISTORTION kind of sound. One of the standout tracks on the album which has a stunning vocal performance from Gerardo.

The final two tracks of Ariamnes (The Real Name Of A Facehugger) and Eis Sieben (Weedruid) offer 24 minutes of intense Psych/Fuzz/Space/Stoner Rock sounds with the music having some vivid creativity behind it all. Ariamnes (The Real Name Of A Facehugger) runs past the fifteen minutes mark and is the standout track on the album. Different styles of music come and go with a Post-Rock or Post-Stoner creative vision seeing Solanhum playing extended jams and trippy psychedelic beats.

The track EIs Sieben (Weedruid) is an homage to the late guitarist from the German Psych/Stoner Rock band Weedruid.

Rostratum is an absolute joy to listen to. The album has an adventurous spirit that will appeal to many different sections of the Stoner Rock underground scene. The production values are superb despite the low-key nature of the album. While we wait patiently for the next Vinnum Sabbthi release, Solanhum is the next best thing. This is a wonderfully diverse release and deserves your full attention now.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to LSDR Records for the promo.

Rostratum is available to buy now on CD/DD via LSDR Records.