Tuesday 20 September 2022

Wizzerd - Space‽: Issue No​.​001 (Album Review)

Date Released: September 30th 2022. Record Label: Fuzzorama Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Space‽: Issue No​.​001: Tracklisting


2.Sisters of the Sun

3.Super Nova 

4.Attack of the Gargantuan Moon Spiders

5.Don't Zorp 'N' Warp 

6.Space Chase


8.Doom Machine Smoke Break

9.Diosa Del Sol

10.Final Departure Part 1 the Intergalactic Keep of the Illustrious Cosmic Woman 

11.End Transmission


Stoner Metal Quartet Wizzerd return with their new album Space​‽​: Issue No​.​001. Newly signed to Swedish Label Fuzzorama Records which is owned by legendary Fuzz Rockers Truckfigheres. Wizzerd take a slightly off-kilter approach with this album compared to their previous releases. There's more SONIC experimentation on this album within the confindments of Fuzz, Psych and Stoner Metal.

Opening song Launch is a glitchy and psychedelic blast of weird noises that feels like it's from a different band but allows the listener to become accustomed to the Psychedelic and Spaced out styles of the album.

Second song Sisters Of The Sun is a trippy and spaced out affair with the band taking a Thin Lizzy approach in places. Classic Rock is fused with an almost Garage Rock atmosphere that allows Wizzerd to play their blend of Fuzzed Up Stoner Metal. The vocals are vibrant and upbeat with a definite Classic Hard Rock vibe. The music and psychedelic noises are my favourite parts of the track especially when extended guitar solos and jams appear at the end. Fast paced grooves and Spaced Out sounds work superbly well with the almost Punk based sound of the album.

The album moves at such a breakneck pace that most of the songs follow into each other without a moment's rest. Third song Super Nova is a Garage/Speed Punk affair with that trippy Stoner element being present but quite solitary in places. The Classic Rock guitars have the sound of Seventies Hard Rock but with a  modern day free-flowing WEEDIAN attitude.

The next song Attack Of The Gargantuan Moon Spiders has shades of 50's Science Fiction B Movies to them with the name of the song and lyrics the band have written. The song is more funk based but still holds that lovely Stoner based charm. 

Up next is Don't Zorp 'N' Warp and this matches the fast-paced energy of the earlier tracks with Wizzerd perhaps more confident with this style of Stoner Rock/Metal. The song is quite disjointed in places but this is deliberate from Wizzerd with the song going through multiple genre changes. The end result is another warmly addictive and pleasing affair. The music is experimental in nature but this is WIZZERD being themselves and this ends up becoming one of the standout tracks on the album when the band start adding organs and playing a style of classic Blues Rock.

Wizzerd continue their Spaced Out and Psychedelic surreal journey on the remaining six tracks on the album with standout tracks such as Space Chase, Doom Machine Smoke Break, Final Departure Part I: The Intergalactic Keep Of The Illustrious Cosmic Woman. 

The album could have easily lost it's way with the many different styles of music that Wizzerd employ here. This could be classed having a Frank Zappa influence in places though I could be looking far too much into things again. The instrumental work and creative vision of the band is near flawless with too many great moments to mention.

The production of the album is quite low-key and not something I would expect for an album such as this. However, the record sounds excellent and allows Wizzerd to throw everything but the kitchen sink for the album. 

Space​‽​: Issue No​.​001 is a first rate musical adventure and one that allows Wizzerd to release their best album to date. This could become one of the weirdest Stoner Metal albums you'll hear this year and still leave you wanting to hear more.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Fuzzorama Records for the promo.

Space​‽​: Issue No​.​001 will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from Fuzzorama Records from September 30th 2022.


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