Monday 5 September 2022

DEAD Announce New Album The Laughing Shadow And Premiere Of New Song THE COWBOY

Aussie Psych/Sludge/Doom/Stoner Rock Underground Heroes DEAD will be releasing their excellent new album The Laughing Shadow.

A 38 minute offering of powerful instrumental work broken into two massive movements.

A genre defying release spanning elements of everything from progressive and stoner rock, to doom and heavy psych.

An album created to process the band's grief and to deal with the uncertainty and anguish of the years of pandemic lockdowns.

Out on WeEmptyRooms, Wantage USA and Forbidden Place Records on October 14th

The band have said this about the new album.

This album is the first time we removed our tongues from our collective cheek for a moment. We used it to process our grief and to deal with the uncertainty and anguish of lockdowns. While writing it we lost friends and family to the virus, suicide and more. For the most part funerals or gatherings of any kind were not possible. I clung onto this music like a kid does to their teddy.

As a band who toured nonstop for 10 years it hit hard suddenly not being able to do what we love most. We were determined to make something positive from it.

The opening track is the oldest song we have - written some years before we formed DEAD. We decided to build an album around this song that would be one long form piece made up of smaller “scenes”. We pretended we had an orchestra.

We wrote the bulk of it in Alex’s barn/recording studio in Campbells Creek - masked up, at opposite ends of the room. We’ve never gone so long without hugging each other.

Our friend Mike Deslandes recorded it in that same barn - it felt significant to be able to do that. We did one take of each scene, in order and the warts are very much left in there for your benefit. The sounds you hear are the sounds of the instruments in that space.

I mixed the record with Mike at his house. I’m grateful we had him working with us. Every part of the process had a different kind of weight to it than before. I wanted it to be over and to never end at the same time. At some point I told Jace that I might have to never play these songs again.

So, like a million other bands this is our pandemic album. - Jem - Drummer

You can listen to the stunning new single The Cowboy below:

The Laughing Shadow will be released on CD/DD/Vinyl on October 14th 2022 via the following labels:

WeEmptyRooms, Wantage USA (Vinyl Only), Forbidden Place Records (CD Only)

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