Sunday 18 September 2022

Deadly Vipers - Low City Drone (Album Review)

Date Released: September 30th 2022. Record Label: Fuzzorama Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Low City Drone: Tracklisting


1.Echos From Wasteland


3.Low City Drone 

4.Welli Welloo

5.Meteor Part II 

6.Last Rise

7.Ego Trip

8.Big Empty 


Fred: Vocals

David: High Fuzz

Thomas: Low Fuzz

Rudy: Drums


Low City Drone is the new album from French Fuzzed Out Stoner Rockers Deadly Vipers. This is their first album in five years and it’s a pulsating blast of Fuzz Rock, Desert Rock and Stoner Rock. Newly signed to Fuzzorama Records (Truckfighers own record label). This album is a subtle mix of different Fuzz/Stoner Rock styles with the band adding a Psychedelic confident sound of their own.

There are elements of Prog Rock and Post-Rock on this release but if you’re here for the FUZZ then Deadly Vipers have you covered. The album is superbly loud and Deadly Vipers are in fine confident form from the excellent opening song Echos From Wasteland. An instrumental track that showcases what Deadly Vipers do so well. Perhaps a less is more approach with their Fuzz Rock when compared to Truckfighters.

Second song Atom is more on the progressive and flashier side of Fuzz/Stoner Rock. This works to the bands favour with Fred’s vocals having a classic 70’s Hard Rock approach. The music is warm and engaging with flashes of aggressive guitar jams and some epic melodic grooves. Adding noises of swirling Psych Rock just adds a more exciting style of music and gives them an edgier presence as well.

Third song Low City Drone is the standout track on the whole album and runs past the nine minutes mark. Opening with a solitary Bass guitar that i’s eerie reminiscent of the Mission Impossible Theme Tune in places before Deadly Vipers adapt a more Alternative and Grungier style of music. Parts Alice In Chains and Soundgarden within both the vocals and melodic guitars. There’s still traces of Fuzz/Stoner Rock throughout this song but the album becomes so much better when Deadly Vipers play sounds outside their Fuzz/Stoner Rock comfort zone. Subtle Psychedelic noises add another layer of confidence for the band to impress listeners with. 

Deadly Vipers continue impressing on the remaining songs with their blend of action packed and up-tempo Stoner Rock/Metal that shows the Stoner Rock masses why Fuzzorama Records signed them to their ever impressive roster. Superb musicianship and quality lyrics reign supreme within songs such as Welli Welloo, Meteor Part II, Ego Trip and Big Empty.

The album does add different things to the Fuzz/Stoner Rock scene that we haven’t heard in some time. This allows Low City Drone to be a more exciting and adventurous album compared to their debut album.

The album is helped along by excellent production values that allows Deadly Vipers to have a warm and likeable presence on this release. 

Overall, Low City Drone is an outstanding album from the French underground Stoner Rock scene and one that is bursting with genuine creativity and amazing riffs from start to finish.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Fuzzorama Records for the promo.

Low City Drone will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Fuzzorama Records from September 30th 2022.


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