Wednesday 21 September 2022

Rainbow Bridge - Live at La Cittadella degli Artistri (Album Review)

Date Released: July 8th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: CD/DD

Live at La Cittadella degli Artistri: Tracklisting

Intro/The Storm Is Over




I'm Just A Man

Dirty Sunday

No More I'll Be Back

Rainbow Bridge/Dusty


Giuseppe KimiRay Piazzolla - Vocals/Guitar

Fabio Chiarazzo - Bass Guitar

Paolo Ormas - Drums


Italian Psych/Blues/Stoner Rockers Rainbow Bridge present their first ever live album Live at La Cittadella degli Artistri. Recorded in January 2022, the album sees Rainbow Bridge playing for over 70 minutes with their finely tuned and highly energetic blend of Psych Rock, Blues Rock and Stoner Rock. The band have been doing this for a long time now since 2010 I believe but could be even longer.

Rainbow Bridge excel in playing 60's Psych Stoner Rock and 70's Classic Hard Rock with a rich tapestry of 90's based Stoner Rock extended jams that bring back memories of Earthless. The music is bang on point with the band playing a hazy style of instrumental guitar solos and jam based rock. There is a distinctive Power Trio flavour to Rainbow Bridge and their music is quite rich and varied in sound which you can hear in the two part opening track of Intro/The Storm Is Over.

Intro is basically an extended jam for the band to warm up the audience with. A great track and fantastic musical performance from the band. 

Second part of the first track The Storm Is Over has influences diverse as The Who, Free and Led Zepp especially with the vocals. The soaring 60's swinging based attitude is excellent and even allows Rainbow Bridge the opportunity to play some mighty fine LOUD grooves along the way.

With this being a live album, the audience is there in the background though it's hard to hear them at times but you can hear instances of the audience being superbly entertained. The sound and production of the record is super crisp from start to finish. The album is packed full of wonderfully different Stoner Rock vibes with a fine approach in Classic Hard Rock that shines through on tracks such as: Lama, Words, I'm Just A Man, No More I'll Be Back and Rainbow Bridge/Dusty.

Most of the songs run between 6 mins to 12 mins in length. Well the guys all play extended solos on nearly every song. If you dig legendary artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Rory Gallagher then Rainbow Bridge will impress you with their musical creativity especially when the Psychedelic and Blues based moments appear. 

I do admire the vast amounts of different styles that Rainbow Bridge plays on this live album. This allows the album to be more adventurous compared to other live albums I've heard recently. You don't have to be a fan of Rainbow Bridge to enjoy the album. You just need to be a fan of Live Albums and good music in general. 

Live at La Cittadella degli Artistri is another fine release from Rainbow Bridge and showcases a great band from the underground Italian Stoner Rock scene you may not have come across. Do yourself a favour and listen to this album now. This album is a MIGHTY FINE PSYCHEDELIC TRIP!!!

Words by Steve Howe


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