Sunday 4 September 2022

Maunra - Monarch (Album Review)

Release Date: September 2nd 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Monarch - Tracklisting

1.Between The Realms 06:30

2.Monarch 06:06

3.Wuthering Seas 04:44

4.Embers 04:26

5.Illuminations 05:59

6.Lightbreather 06:12

7.Windborne 07:50


Austrian Post-Metallers Maunra debut album Monarch is an extremely rich exercise of heavy ambient sounds fused with bleak grooves from the “Post Whatever” world. The band are mostly a Post-Metal band but show their willingness to play echoes of Post-Rock and Ambient Rock but with the vocals being almost Post-Black Metal. The music is constantly engaging and allows Maunra to play sounds influenced by bands such as Cult Of Luna, ISIS and The Ocean Collective. 

Maunra has a world-weary attitude and creative vision to their music which you can really appreciate from hearing the two superb opening songs of Between The Realms and Monarch.

The production is good for the most but can be quite “LOW” for certain parts of the album. I wanted to hear more tone and aggression but that’s my only minor complaint for a superbly crafted album such as Monarch.

WIth this being a Post-Metal album, Maunra moves from Ambient Post-Rock to a more subtle style of Sludge and Post-Metal. The Psychedelic moments are another highlight when the music moves into Stoner Rock/Metal territory. Though, those moments are few and far between. Maunra are primarily a Post-Metal band with flashes of Post-Black Metal attitude appearing on the later stages of the album with songs such as: Embers, Illuminations, Lightbreather and Windborne being the standout tracks on the album. Perhaps the final two tracks Lightbreather and WIndborne is where Maunra impress the most and come into their own fully realized creative vision.

The instrumental work is impressive from everyone involved with this album. Maunra uses a lot of Sonic based noises on this album and it works extremely well. The death based growls are excellent as even I fully understood them. I usually struggle with these types of vocals mainly due to my advancing years as a metalhead. 

Monarch is an exciting and action packed release from Maunra. If you’re a serious fan of the Post-Metal underground scene then check these guys out now.

Words by Steve Howe


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