Saturday 22 October 2022

Black Math Horseman - Self Titled (Album Review)

Date Released: October 21st 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Black Math Horseman - Self Titled: Tracklisting

1. Black Math Horseman

2. Boar Domane

3. The Bough

4. Cypher


Psych Post-Metallers Black Math Horseman achieved a lot during their short tenure within the Post-Metal underground scene between 2007 to 2013. An acclaimed debut album which has become a landmark release within the Post-Metal scene and then the band were gone. Members moved onto different projects but the band reformed in 2020 and they have released their first material after thirteen years with this blistering self-titled release.

The album is presented as one epic twenty four minute plus song but broken down into four individual chapters. The album itself is a very dense, dark and bewitching release with a bleak Ambient Metal theme. Black Math Horseman feels like they have never been away since their classic debut release but this album allows the band to expand their sound even further with Experimental Ambient Sounds, Heavy Sludgy Grooves and a euphoric Post-Metal drive. Sara’s vocals are ice cold but ever so bewitching at the start.

The music is more Trance and Tribal based compared to their debut album. Fast-paced grooves have a threatening delivery with a depressing style or shall I say APOCALYPTIC style of Cinematic Post-Rock that confidently moves eerily to Post-Doom or full on Gloomy Sludge Metal. 

Black Math Horseman originally laid down the groundwork for many of today’s Psych Metal bands starting out and it’s good to see the band's new epic sounds to impress and perhaps influence people with. 

Post-Metal textures are used for the later parts of the album with Black Math Horseman playing a mixture of slow-paced and fast-paced grooves. While I admire the slower parts of the album, I felt more emotionally connected to the faster and aggressive styles of music. However, everything works as it should with the first self-titled chapter Black Math Horseman being my favourite part of the album.

Though it’s good to see different creative sides to the band with the album. I’m hoping we hear more from Black Math Horseman in the future and perhaps with a longer release. As this album was far too short for me. That doesn’t stop this being a wonderful release and being one of the best comeback records I’ve heard in some time.

Overall, Black Math Horseman have released an album of exquisite ice-cold beauty and full of first rate heavy melodic sounds from start to finish.

Words by Steve Howe


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