Monday 24 October 2022

Catapult The Sun - CATHODE (EP Review)


Date Released: October 15th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

CATHODE: Tracklisting

1.The Wizard Of Somnus 07:58

2.Blue Light Hypnosis 08:24

3.Frequency Inhaler 12:12

4.Who Are You (Black Sabbath cover) 06:12


CATHODE is the second release from Instrumental Psych/Doom/Drone/Stoner/Sludge Metallers Catapult The Sun. The band focus mostly on epic long drawn out Drone based Instrumental Metal with a heavy down-tuned FUZZY sideline that matches the bleak Psych/Spaced Out sounds the band wonderfully employ throughout the EP.

Catapult The Sun is powered by heavy and down-tuned AMPLIFIER WORSHIP grooves that feel influenced by bands such as SLEEP, CONAN, Electric Wizard and Slomatics. The music is quite intense with a deep progressive flow to it all. The sludgy vibes are perhaps the heaviest part of the release which you can hear into full effect from the opening song The Wizard Of Somnus.

The song has an eerie Psych Doom Metal backdrop with the Droned Out atmospherics being quite raw and equally melodic at the same time. The music does have sombre production values than allows Catapult The Sun to perhaps draw comparisons to SUNN 0))) in places when the Drone/Doom elements take centre stage. The instrumental work is superbly played with the band playing a more simpler style of music. The music can be quite bombastic and aggressively paced but this all works superbly well when the band merges Psychedelic and Space Rock soundscapes for a more Progressive sound.

Blue Light Hypnosis and Frequency Inhaler both offer a more Post-Whatever flavour for Catapult The Sun to experiment and terrorize your earbuds with. Both tracks are quite different to each other with more Progressive and Distorted vibes being played at a LOUD LEVEL. The band do play a more riff-centric approach on Blue Light Hypnosis for a song that is quite experimental and shows the band accomplish exciting creative grooves on ths part of the album.

Frequency Inhaler is the heaviest and progressive song on the album with the band switching between the many different sounds held within the Drone, Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal underground. Perhaps my favourite song on the record.

The final track is a wickedly entertaining cover of Black Sabbath classic Who Are You. The song does stick close to the original but with Drone based sonic sounds allowing this version to be a more heavier version compared to the original.

CATHODE is an unexpected and violent delight from the Greek Underground scene and showcases Catapult The Sun to be one of the shining lights from the scene with their intense blend of distorted and down-tuned heavy riffage.

Words by Steve Howe


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