Friday 14 October 2022

DRAKEN Release New Song SYMBIOTE From Upcoming New Album Book Of Black via Majestic Mountain Records

Artist: Draken
Album: Book of Black
Release: Early 2023
To be released on digital and vinyl
Based in Oslo, Norway

Here's the new single Symbiote from DRAKEN's upcoming brilliant new album Book Of Black

Hallvard from DRAKEN says this about about Symbiote:

Symbiote is the second single for our upcoming sophomore album, I hope you guys enjoy it! Anita Kaasbøl from Bladed  (awesome band, check it out!) added some nice vocals that blends with my own on the chorus of this song. I think it fits really well,  as well as complimenting the lyrics in a nice way. I have to say that I’m really proud of this track, and it all came together quite easily. I had developed the basic riff-verse-chorus idea, and later on we added on a couple of Even’s ideas as well. I really like that it is quite brass and to-the-point, but still has this whole solo/middle section with a lot of different passages. Even plays his socks off on his guitar solo as well, it absolutely blew my mind in the studio and it still does! Enjoy, folks!” 

Here's what the band say about the new album 'The Book of Black':

"We are really eager to share our sophomore album with you all! We think in many ways that “The Book of Black” is a very natural step forward for the band. It definitively takes our sound to the next level, both sonically and musically. "Bastards" has already been out for some time,  and now "Symbiote" is also out there. Those two songs are quite different from each other, but still we think it sounds inmistakably like Draken. We got some other surprises in store for you on the album as well, so don't worry. It’s harder, heavier and more brutal than ever before, we hope you dig it."

Book Of Black - Tracklisting

The Book of Black
We Deserve to Suffer
House of Horrors
Devotees of the Faith
Relentless Sinners

Draken is:

Hallvard Gaardløs - Bass and lead vocals
Even Helte Hermansen - Guitar and background vocals
Andre Drage Haraldsen - Drums

Symbiote features Anita Kaasbøl on guest vocals

Album Credits:

Music by Draken
Lyrics by Hallvard Gaardløs & Even Helte Hermansen

Produced by Draken & Vegard Liverød
Recorded and mixed by Vegard Liverød at Røffsound Recordings
Mastered by Espen Høydalsvik at Oslo:Fuzz
Cover art & design by Per Spjøtvold

On Tour with Spidergawd in 2023

Germany 28/02/2023 Hamburg
Germany 01/03/2023 Rostock
Netherlands 02/03/2023 Groningen
Germany 04/03/2023 Essen
Germany 05/03/2023 Köln
Germany 06/03/2023 Wiesbaden
France 08/03/2023 Paris
Spain 10/03/2023 Bilbao
Spain 11/03/2023 Madrid
Spain 12/03/2023 Barcelona
Denmark 14/03/2023 Kolding
France 14/03/2023 Lyon
Switzerland 15/03/2023 Winterthur
Germany 16/03/2023 Stuttgart
Germany 17/03/2023 Nuremburg
Germany 18/03/2023 München
Austria 19/03/2023 Wien
Germany 21/03/2023 Leipzig
Germany 22/03/2023 Berlin
Germany 23/03/2023 Kiel
Denmark 24/03/2023 Kolding
Denmark 25/03/2023 Copenhagen

Book Of Black will be available to buy/pre-order from Majestic Mountain Records.

Thanks to Majestic Mountain Records for all of the details.


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