Wednesday 5 October 2022

Doom Metallers Grandier Premiering Their New Song VIPER SOUL From Upcoming New Album

Album artwork by Thomas Moe Ellefsrud

Viper Soul,’ the second single from Grandier’s upcoming album ‘The. Grace and Scorn of Crows,’ gives us another hefty peak into what to expect from the heavy rocking Swedish trio’s expansively compelling album due out on the 18th of November.

Grandier presents us with a rich and exorbitantly crawling style of epic doom metal with ambling heaviness and a unique, commanding vocal style at its core.

‘Viper Soul’ boasts a punishingly measured largesse which borders on irrefutable swagger with gigantic metallic riffs, hard-hitting drums and. beastly, bounding basslines.

The trademark melodic, melancholic vocals of vocalist Lars Carlberg feed us treacherously into a morosely. gripping and deep-diving free fall. towards a bleak world of dark vibrato.

Grandier then turns the pace and mood halfway through the track with a lush atmospheric uptick ushering us into a creeping twilight of sorts,. from a dusty crypt of contemptuous guitar solos and ceremonially languorous tempos aside crashing rhythm, carefully constructed composition and powerful lyrics inspired by literature and arcane. history, ironically mirroring the satire of today’s existence.

The band tells us that 'Viper Soul' swings low into themes of darkness surrounding that one person we all know who always starts or gets into fights, lashing out, always seeming to bring "bad mojo" to any situation and all around them. Yet there is an urge to understand what it’s like inside the head of that person because we can all manifest as that same person sometimes without admitting or understanding the consequence of our actions. There's much more to the story, but we will leave it there and let the music do the talking."

Thanks to the honourable Steve Howe at Outlaws Of The Sun. 

We’re able to present you the worldwide premiere and peek of the album artwork from Hypnotist Design ahead of the album’s official release.

Give it a listen and prepare for indoctrination in the rites of Grandier!

Photo by Robert Lamu

Grandier are:

Patrik Lidfors
Lars Carlberg
Hampus Landin

Recorded at Gramtone Studio, Norrköping.
Mixed at Studio Heathen, Vikbolandet
Mastered by Esben Willems at Studio Berserk

Album artwork by Thomas Moe Ellefsrud (Hypnotist. Design)

Thanks to Vesper at Majestic Mountain Records for the details.