Thursday 27 October 2022

Faetooth - Remnants Of The Vessel (Album Review)

Date Released: October 28th 2022. Record Label: Dune Altar. Formats: DD

Remnants Of The Vessel: Tracklisting

(i) naissance


La Sorciere

She Cast A Shadow

(ii) limbo



Strange Ways

(iii) moribund

Saturn Devouring His Son


Ashla Chavez Razzsno - Guitars, Vocals

Ari May - Guitars, Vocals

Jenna Garcia - Bass, Vocals

Rah Kanan - Drums


Remnants Of The Vessel is the debut album from Psychedelic Sludge/Doom Metallers Faetooth who are a new creative entity for myself despite releasing some acclaimed releases within the underground scene over the last few years. Their music is perhaps described as between Sludge Metal and Doom Metal with flavours of Alternative Metal and Shoegaze though with their the band focusing more upon a Doomgaze style for their main sound.

Their debut album is a highly confident and deeply emotional affair that has shades of Prog Metal with perhaps a deeply social conscience to the band's lyrical content. The vocals are intense and emotional with the band opting for clean and harsh vocals throughout the album. Quite Gothic in the main creative sense of the album though I do admire the Prog Metal sound of the album that reminds me of TOOL in places. 

Faetooth are a hugely talented band who bring their own spin to the Doomgaze field. Though, they do add their own personal experiences to the album which I applaud them for. So expect a more personal and social based album.

The early stages of the album merges elements of Post-Rock, Post-Metal and Psych Metal with a Post-Blackened approach on songs such as: Echolalia, La Sorciere and She Cast A Shadow. 

The instrumental work is aggressive, bleak and surprisingly melodic even with the harsh vocals, howls, screeches and growls that accompanies the album. I've seen the band described as "fairy-doom" on BandCamp and they're anything but that. The album does include some very cool light sounding Ambient/Psychedelic sounds but Faetooth comes alive when the gloomy and bombastic Doom/Sludge Metal grooves appear. They have a more manic energy to them but I do admire the Ambient Instrumental sounds they include on the album.

If you dig bands such as WINDHAND, BORIS, YOB and Pallbearer then Faetooth falls into the same categories as those great bands. So you should definitely check out Faetooth but the album shows they deliver their own style of music to entice listeners with.

The album continues its rich vein of form with outstanding songs such as: Remains, Strange Ways and Saturn Devouring His Son which remain my favourite parts of the album. As Faetooth cast a gloomy presence with Post-Doom, Heavy Sludge Grooves and beautifully played Ambient Acoustics which are sometimes built around by the fantastic vocals from Ashla, Jenna and Ari.

Remnants Of The Vessel is an uncompromising vision of modern day Doom/Sludge Metal with powerful social messages behind it all. The production is excellent and one that allows Faetooth to shine from start to finish. 

Faetooth are a band who have the potential to make a real name for themselves within the Doom/Sludge Metal scene in the years to come. This album is a major triumph on all levels.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Justin at Dune Altar for the promo. 

Remnants Of The Vessel will be available to buy now on DD via Dune Altar


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