Sunday 23 October 2022

Mountains - Tides End (Album Review)

Date Released: September 22nd 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Tides End: Tracklisting

1.Moonchild 04:54

2.Lepa Radić 03:45

3.Birds on a Wire 04:40

4.Hiraeth 04:34

5.Pilgrim 05:23

6.Empire 04:26

7.Under the Eaves 02:33

8.Tides End 07:09


Matt Byrne : Drums

Greg Machray : Bass

David Jupp : Guitar & Vocals


Tides End is the second album from UK Prog Sludge Rockers Mountains and sees the band return with a vastly different sound compared to their debut album which I’m a huge admirer of. Their debut album was mostly full of Desert Rock, Blues Rock and wonderfully solid Stoner grooves. However, this time round Mountains opt for a stylish Heavy Sludge Rock/Metal sound with a Post-Doom flow added for good measure. There are still elements of the band’s earlier sound but this is mostly in the background.

The album even strides into Stadium Rock or Arena Rock territory which is no bad thing and this gives Mountains a richer and fuller sound. Opening song Moonchild is full on Prog Sludge Rock with echoes of Baroness, MUSE and BIFFY CLYRO. Well if the latter two bands went down the Sludge Rock rabbit hole. There’s some epic Psychedelic guitars that give this track a huge uplifting Post-Rock or Post-Stoner feeling.

Second song Lepa Radić starts with frantic and fast-paced sludgy guitars before settling down for a less chaotic style of sound which allows Lead Vocalist David Jupp to sing a melodic vocal style which has got some emotional depth behind it all. The instrumental work moves upto an aggressive notch when the band play a THRASHIER style of music. The song becomes quite progressive with the excellent instrumental work being played by all 3 members of the band. Shades of early-era Mastodon reigns supreme with the extended musical solos and full on HEAVY METAL battle that Mountains end on an exciting high.

Third song Bird On A Wire is a more laid back song at the start of the song before moving firmly back from Alt Rock/Metal to full on Progressive Doom/Sludge Metal. The psychedelic vibes and David’s soulful vocals make this one of the standout tracks on the album. The song has a fantastic QUIET and HEAVY dynamic that shows what Mountains is truly all about. 

Mountains venture even further into the Sludge Metal world by playing complex progressive rhythms and grooves whilst also showing their more tender caring side when the less aggressive moments appear on the album. You begin to realise how technically impressive Mountains really are not only as splendid musicians but also as a full creative unit. Especially on songs such as: Hiraeth, Pilgrim, and the outstanding final track Tides End.

The album is flowing with first rate production values that allows Mountains to bring a heavier cinematic vision to their overall sound. It may have taken Mountains over five years to return with their new album but it’s most definitely been worth the wait. 

Tides End is a deeply rich and wonderfully creative album that shows a band doing soing different with the Progressive Sludge Metal sound. By adding Alt Metal themes and Psychedelic beats, Mountains have delivered an album that’s packed full of epic grooves, huge melodies and gigantic riffs. 

If you want further evidence to check out this outstanding new album then please read my good friend Frazer's review over at his amazing blog Desert Psychlist.

Words by Steve Howe


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