Saturday 1 October 2022

Flamebearer - Fire On The Horizon (EP Review)

Date Released: September 30th  2022. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: Cassette/DD

Fire On The Horizon: Tracklisting

1.Across the Ocean 04:39

2.Pledge to All 03:21

3.Tears of Angels 04:10

4.Cave of Birds (Outro) 03:57


Fire On The Horizon is the new EP from UK Heavy Stoner Rockers Flamebearer and treads the fine line between Heavy Metal and Stoner Rock with a mighty fine aggressive style that veers into areas of Alt Metal and Hard Rock. The EP does have a refreshing feel to it all with the almost Hardcore based grooves and vocals that perhaps influenced by the mid 2000’s Heavy Metal scene. 

Taking influence from bands such as Orange Goblin, Black Sabbath and DIO. There’s a slight fantastical element to Flambearer’s musical style with the catchy and theatrical vocals. The music is also inspired by the 80’s Heavy Metal scene with a slight Thrash Metal undergroove. That’s my initial findings from listening to the stunning opening track Across The Ocean.

Across The Ocean is perhaps the catchiest and standout track on the EP with Flamebearer being very hard to pigeonhole. The song is a mixture of different styles but all played in the mould of Stoner Rock/Metal. Just expect a more aggressive style of music on this song and the rest of the EP.

Second song Pledge To All is unashamedly Heavy Metal through and through with pulsating Stoner Metal grooves that’s definitely Old School and Modern in every way. The melodic and aggressive sounds are there again with catchy vocals having a more “HORNS IN THE AIR” style and delivery. The classic HEAVY METAL guitar shredding is another cool touch from Flamebearer.

Tears Of Angels continues with the 80’s Heavy Metal and Guitar Shredding style of Stoner Metal with Flamebearer being more flamboyant but still having “FUN” with their music. 

The final song Cave Of Birds (Outro) is a more slow-paced track with Flamebearer opting for a more Post-Stoner based sound with the song being semi-instrumental and a few vocal passages to help the song end on a natural finish. Perhaps not the most exciting track on the EP but one that leaves you wanting to hear more

Fire On The Horizon is a welcome addition and refreshing change to the UK Stoner Metal scene and allows Flamebearer the perfect opportunity to get themselves more known within the scene.

Excellent and Highly Recommended. 

Words by Steve Howe


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