Wednesday 26 October 2022

rifle - Repossessed (Album Review)

Date Released: October 05th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Repossessed: Tracklisting

Seven Thousand Rifle


Sonic Rage

The Thrill Is Back


Demon Djinn

Spirit Rise


Alejandro Suni - Guitar, Vocals, Bass

Cesar Araujo - Drums

Magno Mendoza - Lead Guitar


Peruvian Stoner Rockers rifle make a mighty impression with their debut album Repossessed. An album that sees the band firing on all 1970's Seedy Psych Rock cylinders with a fine sideline in Fuzz Rock, Retro Doom, Stoner Rock and Punk RAWK energy. There is a very cool simplicity to the band's music that makes it unashamedly retro and modern sounding at the same time. The riffs are plentiful with a Classic Rock flavour with echoes of Proto/Garage Rock influences that you can hear from the start.

This album is full of Classic Hard Rock Swagger and the band impresses the most with their extended vintage Swirling Doom based jams and grooves. The opening two tracks Seven Thousand Rifle and Fiend show different sides to the band with the opening song being more of Psych Doom/Stoner Rock song with classic rock vibes and a grubby rebellious attitude to match. Fiend is more Retro/Classic Rock influenced but with a slightly menacing Proto-Doom sound with the Heavy Psych Jams being played whenever the band require HEAVY SWIRLING sounds.

Third song Sonic Rage is one of the more heaviest and trippiest tracks on the album with tons of FUZZ ROCK and GUITAR REVERB being played throughout the track. The heavy psychedelic garage rock vibes can be quite screechy in places but this is a fantastic and superbly written track packed full of aggressive melodies and classic sounding musical composition. Shades of 70's era Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus appear on this track but perhaps with a Pink Floyd-esque attitude especially with the more Psychedelic parts of the song.

Fourth song The Thrill Is Back is a bass-driven Punk Rock delight with a twisted Garage Rock afterthought where rifle offer gloomier creative choices where the vocals and lyrics are concerned. The song is very trippy and psychedelic despite the raw coolness of the production values held within the album.

The final three songs Madness, Demon Djinn and Spirit Rise sees rifle venture further into the Classic Doom Rock underground scene but still showing huge promise of playing first-rate Freaked Out Psych/Stoner Rock jams. Demon Djinn and Spirit Rise are the standout tracks on the album with rifle having more time to play with to enhance their overall great sound.

Repossessed is first rate musical entertainment if you like your albums that little bit DIRTY, SCUZZY and ultimately FREAKY. rifle play a wide array of classic jams and grooves from the Doom/Stoner Rock Underground scene but one that is spliced with other areas of great styles of Punk Rock, Garage Rock and Psych Rock. 

rifle have released a devilishly and one of the most superbly entertaining albums from the South American Doom/Stoner Rock scene. Give this album a chance and you'll be surprised what awaits you.

Fantastic stuff...

Words by Steve Howe


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