Tuesday 7 February 2023

Deer Lord - Dark Matter Pt. 1 (Album Review)

Release Date: February 3rd 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Dark Matter Pt. 1: Tracklisting

Witches Brew

Psychedelic Roadkill

Hippie Girl

Ride Away


Planet Earth


Sheafer McOmber - Strings/Vocals

Jared Merill - Bass

Ryan Alderman - Drums


Heavy Psych/Doom/Stoner Rockers Deer Lord new release Dark Matter Pt. 1 is quite a different release than I initially expected. As I was expecting a normal Psychedelic WEEDIAN based outfit but what I got was so much more with Deer Lord playing a Cosmic style of Streetwise Doom Metal and Psych Stoner Metal that's drenched in a FUZZY ACID based ATMOSPHERE. There's a pounding FUZZ ROCK environment for Deer Lord to rule their creative playground with.

There's also a sense of Classic Hard Rock heard with the AMPLIFIER based grooves which is showed off superbly within the sublime opening track Witches Brew.Expect heavy avenues of FUZZED UP SOUNDS with a Cosmic Flavour to them that could feel inspired by Black Sabbath, SLEEP and Monolord in all places. Though, there's a sense of realism to Deer Lord's music hear especially with their use of Hard Rock themes with an air of rebellious attitude within this. However, it's th swirling ambient noises and Cosmic/Spaced Out vibes that rule the roost for the rest of the album to build upon.

Second song Psychedelic Roadkill is another great song to impress folks with as Deer Lord take a slight depressing turn with their choice of soundclip to open the song with. The song is quite funky in places with a ZZ Top approach with their great use of Boogie based riffs and sounds. There's still a heavy Psychedelic/Acid based presence with the superb instrumental work throughout the track. The song does offer a great balance of Classic Hard Rock grit and modern day melodic based Stoner grooves that sees Deer Lord close the song within Boogie Rock fashion.

Third song Hippie Girl transports all the action to the heyday of 70's Blues Rock as Deer Lord become an aggressive  Psych Rock band with heavy sludgy overtones dictating the action. There's some KICK-ASS free-flowing guitar solos that propel Deer Lord to the DOOM METAL arena. Though, the vocals allow Sheafer to display a 50's Rock And Roll persona with the choice of lyrics the band have written here. Deer Lord works wonders with their Psychedelic sounds yet again though sadly they disappear as quickly as they appeared. However, there's still ends up becoming one of the standout tracks on the album.

Deer Lord went for a more Punk Rock sound on the next couple of songs Ride Away and Ego but still allowed their Doom/Stoner Metal sound to be ever more present. There's also some more stylish Boogie Rock parts being added with even a LOW & SLOW approach allowing the music to become even heavier before the album's final moments.

The final song Planet Earth allows Deer Lord one final opportunity to impress yet again with their "Blues Rock", "Streetwise" and "Drug Induced" blend of Cosmic Psychedelics with a thunderous WEEDIAN sound leaving you wanting to hear more. The distorted and revved up guitars dictate the action with Ryan's drumming changing the whole dynamics of the song. 

Dark Matters Pt 1 is a wonderfully exciting release from Deer Lord. I admire how they incorporate different sounds of the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fields for a refreshing change of pace that listeners will not expect. 

The song has quite a dynamically powerful sound that has a vibrant "DIY" approach that could only ever be released from the Doom/Stoner Rock underground scene. Add this record to your collections now. 

Roll on Dark Matter Pt. 2

Words by Steve Howe


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