Friday 17 February 2023

Hail The Void - Memento Mori (Album Review)

Release Date: February 17th 2023. Record Label: Ripple Music. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Memento Mori: Tracklisting

1.Mind Undone 01:59

2.Writing on the Wall 07:12

3.Goldwater 06:13

4.Talking to the Dead 07:44

5.High and Rising 05:59

6.100 Pills 04:38

7.Serpens South 06:37

8.The Void 03:58


Kirin Gudmundson - Vocals/Guitar

Dean Gustin - Bass

Lucas McKinnon - Drums/Engineer/Mix


Heavy Psych/Doom/Stoner Rockers Hail The Void offer up another slice of Dark and Gloomy sounds on their new album Memento Mori. An album that is constantly engaging and impresses with it’s different use of Ambient textures and Occult atmospheres whilst utilising the standard Doom/Stoner Metal underground sounds to great effect.

The album is little bit darker and progressive to their acclaimed debut release with Hail The Void bringing a warped Ambient/Post-Doom vision on the excellent opening track Mind Undone which perfectly sets the scene for a bleak adventure that sees Hail The Void move cautiously into other areas of Hard Rock/Metal that I didn’t expect.

Second track Writing On The Wall is an Alt Metal/Shoegaze/Grunge delight with the band influenced by bands such as Alice In Chains, Type O Negative and Black Sabbath. The music is perhaps rooted in early 90’s Doom/Stoner Metal but the bleak and emotionally charged lyrics gives Hail The Void a more threatening presence. When the slightly down-tuned groove moves into areas of Prog Rock and Psych Rock with some epic guitar shredding then Hail The Void feel unstoppable. Kirin’s vocals are a mixture of classic 90’s Grunge, Goth Rock and aggressive WEEDIAN underground styles making this one of the standout tracks.

Third track offers a more reflective Post-Doom/Post-Rock soothing sound before moving onto heavier areas of Rock/Metal. The song is more GROOVE centric with Kirin’s vocals echoing an emotional centre to them. Hail The Void employ a more rigid and structured flow to their music which can beautifully slow and aggressively fast paced at the same time. Distortion or AMPLIFIER WORSHIP is perhaps KEY here for Hail The Void to play the heaviest and freshest sounds on the album. Another different side to HAIL THE VOID that ultimately keeps the listener on their toes. 

The next part of the album does become more progressive and bolder with the creative choices and styles of music Hail The Void employ here. However, both the album and the band themselves thrive with more creative freedom which you can feel through the dark and progressive flow of tracks such as Talking To The Dead, High And Rising and 100 Pills.

Hail The Void use their levels of Psychedelic Grooves and Distorted Occult Gloomy Heaviness to heavier heights on the final tracks on the album with Serpens South being a genuine highlight for me personally. 

It’s also good to see Hail The Void bringing a classical style of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal into the mix that manifests into some epic guitar shredding along the way. 

Boosted by epic production values which isn’t a surprise since this is being released by one of the finest Underground Heavy Rock Labels currently out there. And that is the legendary Ripple Music. However, this is HAIL THE VOID’s chance to shine and that they do with a blistering and emotionally charged album that allows Memento Mori to be packed full of exciting riffs from start to finish.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Purple Sage PR for the promo.

Memento Mori is available to buy now on CD/DD/VInyl via Ripple Music (USA) and Ripple Music (EU).


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