Tuesday 21 February 2023

Scum Giant - Space Vampire (EP Review)

Release Date: February 18th 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Space Vampire: Tracklisting

1.Anathema 05:14

2.I Am God 04:45

3.Victim 03:59

4.Deadbeat 04:30


Dan Schabes - Guitar/Bass/Vocals

Dave Skwarzcek - Drums


Doom/Stoner Metal Duo Scum Giant returns from a five year slumber to release their new EP Space Vampire. After the fantastic two albums Scum Giant released back in 2018, it’s good to see Scum Giant return to their Sci-Fi/Horror Movies & TV roots and bring a monolithic blast of Doom/Stoner Metal sounds.

The EP is full of gloomy atmospherics and down-tuned WEEDIAN energy that fuses Psychedelic noises and swirls along the way. 

Opening song Anathema is a song that soon gets straight to the action by focusing on modern day Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal instrumental for the first half with warped Psych based elements that can be quite theatrical in places. The second half of the song opts for a more classic Heavy Metal sound. This is a refreshing change of pace especially when Dan’s vocals appear and the song becomes vastly atmospheric with Distorted Prog Metal riffs that become heavier as time moves on.

Second song I Am God opens with a down-tuned and FUZZ based sound that moves along at it’s own distorted heavy pace. The song allows Dan and Dave to show off their Post-Doom and Alt-Metal skills with an excellent vocal performance and intense pounding drums. Though, it’s the music that ultimately holds your attention. There maybe too much going on when the song becomes more Industrial themed but it’s still a great creative avenue for Scum Giant to fully explore.

The final two songs of Victim and Deadbeat are more Horror focused with the lyrics and use of Industrial Rock and Doom Metal but still allows the listener to explore the Sludgier and perhaps WEEDIAN aspects of Scum Giant’s music. I would say Deadbeat is the strongest track of the two here but Victim does feature some of the more disturbing effects on the EP.

Space Vampire is a wickedly entertaining release from Scum Giant and despite a few rough sounding moments, the production is handled well. This all builds up to another sublime release from Scum Giant. I’m hoping we don’t have to wait so long for the next one.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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