Sunday 12 February 2023

Wolves In Winter - The Calling Quiet (Album Review)

Release Date: February 24th 2023. Record Label: Argonauta Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

The Calling Quiet: Tracklisting

The Cord That Ends The Pain


Pastime For Healot

Promised Harvest


Calling The Quiet


Izak - bass

Adam - drums

Wayne – guitar

Enzo – guitar

Jake - vocals


Doom Metallers Wolves In Winter could be considered a Supergroup of the UK underground Doom/Stoner Metal scene with the band made up of current and former members of Solstice, Lazarus Blackstar, Monolith Cult, Slammer and more. Wolves In Winter debut album The Calling Quiet bridges the gap between Traditional and Atmospheric Doom Metal. Inspired by the 70’s and 80’s Traditional Doom Metal scene but powered along by epic modern day sounds that bands such as YOB and Pallbearer are known for.

So you have a debut album that has that classic feeling but one that also has a contemporary modern feel with Wolves In Winter playing a more “Post-Doom” based groove with the lyrics inspired by both areas of music. There’s also traces of Ambient Rock, Post-Rock and Grunge that sees the band fully realize their bleak creative vision on the outstanding opening song The Cord That Ends The Pain. 

The song is emotionally bleak and remains ever so vital with Wolves In Winter switching between the many levels of Traditional and Atmospheric gloomy textures with a twinge of 90’s era Grunge being heard within the vocals and lyrics. There is a slight Alice In Chains and Pallbearer vision on this track with the heavy stylised DOOM based guitars that are quite progressive whilst staying true to the foundations of Traditional Doom Metal. The music is extremely melodic with Wolves In Winter proving this early on what a fantastic band they really are.

Second song Nemesis has a more classic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal approach with the music still having small traces of that hybrid sound heard within the opening track though the “TRADITIONAL” sound reigns supreme here that everything the band offers. Classic Doom Metal vocals are offered here and have a startling emotional feel and energy to them. The majority of the tracks here are on the lengthy side with Wolves in Winter perhaps showing their appreciation for the Progressive Rock/Metal along the way. The grooves are plentiful, involving and most importantly, emotionally crushing level that would make Pallbearer blush. 

Third song Pasttime For Helots opens with a Post-Rock instrumental sound that has a 70’s Prog Rock flow before slowly moving back into the Traditional Doom arena. The song does take time to fully hit its creative stride but it’s good to see a different side to the band with a more self-reflective style of music. The lyrics feel quite spiritual with Wolves In Winter playing some epic guitars along the way with a trippy Post-Doom/Post-Rock narrative that gives away to a more distorted and fractured sound along the way. 

The second half of the album sees Wolves In Winter focus more on the Atmospheric Doom creative side a little bit more but there’s still enough Traditional Heavy Sounds to keep the “purists” emotionally involved and invested on the album especially on the stunning fourth track Promised Harvest. With that song featuring a more “AGGRESSIVE” blend of tone, melody and catchy addictive hooks with flawless vocals that ultimately seal the deal.

Wolves In Winter wrap up things with the final two tracks Oceans and Calling The Quiet that perhaps features the heaviest parts of the album though still being equally melodic when the time calls for it.

The band worked with CONAN alumni Chris Fielding for this album and that shows on this album with first rate production values across the board. Kudos to famed Italian underground label Argonauta Records for releasing this album. Another great thing working in the albums favour why it sounds so great from start to finish.

The Calling Quiet is a richly observed and emotionally driven album that allows Wolves In Winter to release one of the potential Doom Metal Albums Of The Year. 

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Grand Sounds PR for the promo.

The Calling Quiet will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Argonauta Records from February 24th 2023.


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