Saturday 4 February 2023

Craetor - Keystone Sessions: Volume 1 (EP Review)

Release Date: February 03rd 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Keystone Sessions: Volume 1  - Tracklisting






Sebastian Ross - Vocals/Bass

Mason Cheek - Guitar

Tim Tinnemeyer - Drums


Keystone Sessions: Volume 1 is the new release from Psych Stoner Rockers Craetor and it’s a Live EP featuring four tracks with the band in fine form. Their music is catchy, aggressive and fast-paced which the band show right away on the fantastically heavy opening track Villager. There’s a Punk Rock attitude to the vocals and the ferocity of the band’s music. There’s a slight Desert Rock vibe from the Fu Manchu side of life with a nice sideline of KYUSS scorching desert riffs. 

The production is fine for this release if a little too raw but the band’s potential is there for everyone to hear. The music has been done a million times before but when it’s done this good you just don’t care. Craetor knows how to groove and play a killer assortment of Desert/Stoner based grooves. The Psychedelic Rock influences have a swirling edge to them with a little side of rebellious attitude as well.

Craetor show their true creative worth on the excellent second track Ender which has a wicked Drone based sound that sees the band experiment with tones, melody and textures whilst bringing a slight Desert/Blues Rock sound to the mix. The song is quite slow-paced with Craetor adding different moments of Distortion and Amplifier Worship along the way. The song is more DOOM based with the Fuzzy Psychedelic tones having more of a freakout and slight EARTHLESS nature. 

Third track Obsidian sees Craetor return to their fast-paced Stoner Rock roots with another snarling Punk Rock attitude with flashes of catchy Desert Rock sounds. The music is played at breakneck speed with the vocals being almost drowned out by the music. Though I could understand the majority of the vocals, there were times when I couldn’t hear the vocals. The music is impressive as hell especially when the music becomes more frantic along the way.

Final song Stone is a mixture of all the earlier songs put together and is perhaps the standout track with Craetor offering more DRONED OUT HEAVINESS with that Psychedelic Freak Out delivery blended in with the soaring Stoner Rock moments that the band offer here. There’s a slight Doom Metal attitude starting to appear within Craetor’s music and I’m hoping the band explores that creative avenue for future releases.

Keystone Sessions : Volume 1 for the most part is a fantastic release. Maybe, the release could have done with a bit more time on the production side of things. However, with the promise of Volume 2 coming up soon, Craetor within time could become a damn cool band to get really excited about in the future.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe:


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