Monday 27 February 2023

TANKZILLA Premiere New Song And Video For LUCIFER Due For Release on Heavy Psych Sounds on May 19th 2023

Stoner Rockers TANKZILLA are releasing their self-titled album on May 19th via Heavy Psych Sounds and you can hear this kick-ass track LUCIFER from their upcoming release.

Band Bio

Satan fucked a Panzer and the offshoot is TankZilla. Or so it seems. Well this what really happened in the Eindhoven grit: after Peter Pan Speedrock went tits up singer and guitar player Peter van Elderen hooked up with former Wolfskop drummer Marcin Hurkmans. 

As soon as these music junkies started jamming they got on like a house on fire. It felt as if their motor skills were connected like a motherfucker with a brother from another mother. This two-headed creature wrecks like a tank and packs Godzilla-sized riffs and beats. In the same vein as Repomen Peter's short-lived but heavier-than-thou Roadburn alumni the tarmac grooves are scorching. TankZilla goes full-tilt boogie.

More Information

As we write this, it's hard to realize the long road we’ve traveled to get to this debut full length.

We started rehearsals 5 years ago with absolutely no ambitions. We were without bands at the time, both cranking amps and slaying drums at the local rehearsal space, so it felt only natural to jam together. Nobody could have guessed what was about to happen, ‘cause after we decided to join forces, all hell broke loose. People were storming the rehearsal room triggered by the massive wall of sound and were shocked to discover it was just the two of us who were responsible.

While shows were growing at a fast rate, we started fine tuning the ’TankZilla sound’. It's still hard to describe, but the term ‘stoner blues swamp boogie’ got most of it covered.

Not long after, we were invited to perform at the almighty Roadburn festival where we released our first 7 inch.

Fast forwarding through the pandemic, we finished writing a dozen songs, eleven of which we captured on our first ‘serious’ recording.

And here you have it. Recorded in Belgium, no Dutch beers involved, no fillers, no fancy stuff. Just the result of true & pure rock’n’roll style recording sessions.

We are very proud to present to you our first full length. Put it on and crank the shit up ‘cause this one goes to eleven!


All songs written by Peter van Elderen & Marcin Hurkmans.
This album was recorded live at the Ultra Elektric Studio's from the 1st till the 3th of July 2022.

Recorded by Alessio Di Turi and assisted by Cedric Maes, no Dutch beers were involved at any time during the session!

Vocals recorded and album mixed at Anker Studio (studio Iglesias) by Bootleg Recordings aka Peter van Elderen.

Mastered in the Void by Pieter Kloos, and published by NFL / BMG Rights Management.

The album will be available to Pre-Order from Heavy Psych Sounds.


Thanks to Purple Sage PR for all of the promo details.