Sunday 5 February 2023

Artifacts & Uranium - Pancosmology (Album Review)

Release Date: July 20th 2022. Record Label: Weird Beard / Echodelick Records. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Pancosmology - Tracklisting

1.Spiritis Mundi 03:46

2.Dive Bomber 05:09

3.Shape Shift 06:31

4.Silent Plans 02:37

5.Radio Wolfen 04:44

6.God of Panic 02:43

7.Night of Comala 04:29

8.The Inmost Light 07:15


Fred Laird - Organ, Piano, Ambient Synth, Bass, Melodica, Cymbal, Drums Programming, Rhythm Guitar, Vocal and Gakken Generator.

Mike Vest - Bass, Lead Guitar, Electric Piano and Synth.


Pancosmology is the second release from Experimental Rock Duo Artifacts & Uranium and was recommended to me by one of the members to review courtesy of Mike Vest. Mike Vest teams up with Fred Laird (Earthling Society, Taras Bulba, Empty House) for this project and it’s hard to describe with Artifacts & Uranium taking the listener upon a Sonic Based Adventure where they explore the Psychedelic Rock realms and Heavy Droned Out sounds.

The album also features elements of Krautrock, Doom Rock, Space Rock, Noise Rock, Shoegaze and Experimental sounds. The end result is a trippy and surreal audio experience where Artifacts & Uranium play mostly by their own rules with warped Electronica beats, glitches and ambient driven scores. Though, to be fair the band do add a lot of heavy guitars to the mix which you can hear within the first two tracks Spritis Mundi and Dive Bomber. Truth be told, the early stages of the album reminds me of Monster Magnet classic track TAB with its use of Freaky Psychedelic Beasts and Stoner based guitars. 

Mike and Fred feel inspired by Brian Eno and HAWKWIND on this album with the use of frantic Noise Rock beats. There’s a lot to take in with this album and it’s an absolute HEAD FUCK of an an album at times but that’s what makes this such a cool and interesting album to listen to. The heavy distorted levels and layers of experimental music has too many different genres to comprehend at times but I suppose that’s the point with the album.

This project is perhaps closer to other Mike Vest projects such as Blown Out and HAIKAI NO KU. Two other great bands from Mike that everyone should definitely check out. 

The songs on Pancosmology even become WEIRDER and WEIRDER with a freaky SCI-FI vibe allowing the band to move into JAZZ based territory especially on the stunning third track Shape Shift which is one of my favourite tracks on the album. This is down to the different noises and experimental creative themes Mike and Fred use for this song. It’s more of a nightmarish Drone/Post-Rock song with a warped creepy sense especially when the Eletronica vibes fully kick in.

There’s a lot to devour and understand fully with this album but if you’re in the mood for a mind expanding then Pancosmology is the album for you. Don’t go expecting an easy ride as this album is anything but that. 

The production is excellent with Artifacts & Uranium showcasing a fine eye for creative detail with the many different styles and genres of music that make up Pancosmology. 

This is another first rate release from the twisted creative minds of Mike Vest and Fred Laird.

Words by Steve Howe:



You can buy Strato Arcology now on DD/Vinyl from the links below.

Echodelick Records (USA)

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