Tuesday 14 February 2023

Finis Hominis - Sordidum Est (EP Review)

Release Date: February 02nd 2023. Record Label: Abraxas Records. Formats: DD

Sordidum Est: Tracklisting


Sinne Floribus


Caum Nigrum

Lorem Ipsum


Mega - Bass/Vocals

Vitu - Guitar/Vocals

João Paulo - Drums


Sordidum Est is the new EP from Brazilian Sludge/Death Metallers Finis Hominis and showcases their style of Doom/Sludge Metal with a brutal Death Metal flavour. Heavy down-tuned grooves with Death based growls are the main order of business with a pummelling vision coming through early within the opening track Jukai. 

Jukai showcases that Finis Hominis mean business and they will perhaps fit more in with the "Extreme" side of the Doom/Sludge Metal underground than the casual fan. There's beatdowns and pissed off riffs galore on this track which has an uncompromising feel to them. The band wisely adds a Drone-ish texture for an unsettling sound. The song does allow Finis Hominis to live upto the Death Metal credentials with the music being full of 1980's and 1990's Classic Death Metal grooves even when the modern day Sludge Metal moments appear.

Second song Sinne Floribus has a more Sludge based melody and structure to it with an almost EYEHATEGOD feel to it. The atmosphere has moments of Crust Punk, Drone, Death Metal and gloomy Doom textures which works surprisingly well with the raw or lo-fi production values the band have employed here. The vocals are harsh growls and screams which allows the band to have one foot firmly remaining in the Death Metal camp. There's a lot of fantastic riffs on this track even if the band play a mixture of short and long drawn out grooves. 

Third song Improportionalus opens with a distorted Droned Out Guitar that crackles with violent FUZZ based energy before the band return to their filthy and addictive Drone/Doom ways. The song almost becomes Post-Metal with the different styles being used for this track. The vocals are the same style yet again but superbly delivered on all fronts. The song becomes that little bit stronger when Finis Hominis speed things up a bit and almost offer a clearer vocal style but still being full on Death Metal. Expect an avalanche of nightmarish glitches and sounds when the slower and reflective moments appear. You can hear elements of Hard Rock that allows the band the perfect opportunity to play a classic style of Sludge/Doom Metal riffs. 

Fourth song Cavum Nigru is an interlude and allows the listener to have a brief rest from the carnage held on the EP with the band delivering their own Satanic based message with added glitches and droned noises.

Fifth song Lorem Ipsum is the final track with Finis Hominis throwing everything but the kitchen sink into the mix. As this song is a mixture of chaotic Death Metal and Sludge Metal vibes with the band focusing upon a more down-tuned atmosphere. The song runs past the nine minutes mark and this is perhaps the standout track on the EP. With the band playing a winning style of Death Metal with Sludge Metal atmospherics. The grooves are plentiful and feel they last an age thanks to the superb use of Drone Metal aesthetics. 

Sordidum Est is a release that did put me out of my comfort zone with its use of Death Metal but Finis Horminis have delivered a violently exquisite release.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Bruxa Verde for the promo.

Sordidum Est is available to buy digitally now through Abraxas Records


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