Saturday 4 March 2023

BREATH - Primeval Transmissions (REMIXED & REMASTERED) (Album Review)

Release Date: March 03rd 2023. Record Label: Desert Records. Formats: DD/VInyl

Primeval Transmissions (REMIXED & REMASTERED): Tracklisting

1.Evocation 07:39

2.Dwarka 14:08

3.Observer 05:13

4. for Harmonic Balance - Halls of Amenti 12:22

5.Evocation (reprise) 05:55


Steven O'Kelly- Bass Guitars, Vocals

Ian Caton- Drums, Auxiliary Percussion

Additional musicians:

Rob Wrong - Electric Guitar on "Observer" and "Halls of Amenti"


Doom/Stoner Metallers Breath originally released their debut album Primeval Transmissions back in February 2021 to acclaim from fans and critics alike. Now, two years later the band have re-released the album as Primeval Transmissions (REMIXED & REMASTERED).

As the title suggests, this album has been rebuilt from the ground up throughout the album. The album has been remixed by Rob Wrong who also adds new electric guitars on Observer and Halls Of Amenti. The album has also been remastered by Justin Weis and both parties bring a heavier, clearer and more organic sound compared to the original. 

That’s only the half of it with Breath adding fresh vocal tracks for songs Evocation and Battle for Harmonic Balance/ Halls of Amenti. There’s too much to mention what Breath has given Primeval Transmissions. This is the type of creative journey and makeover that transpired for the legendary Dopesmoker when it was known as Jerusalem or available as a much sought after Bootleg Album from TeePee Records.

My original review of the album still stands which you can read here. The whole message and adventurous journey remains but there’s still something different about this album now. There’s a more mysterious message and adventurous journey to this album. The music is heavier, longer, cleaner and dare I say more hopeful in places especially on Evocation, Dwarka and Evocation and Battle for Harmonic Balance/Halls of Amenti.

Primeval Transmissions (REMIXED & REMASTERED) feels like the true creative vision that Breath originally wanted to release but didn’t have the means to do so. This album benefits from much better production values and a clearer original vision for the album. The music can be quite slow-paced at first but there’s some spellbinding sounds to be discovered if you dig bands such as SLEEP, OM and YOB with a kick-ass sideline in Droned Out Distortion and Eastern Mysticism.

Primeval Transmissions (REMIXED & REMASTERED) is the definitive version to own for this great album. I’ve heard multiple formats of this album which all sound incredible but I would recommend downloading the WAV format. As that’s the best version I found the most enjoyment of. Everything has a more visceral edge within the higher audio bit-rate formats. 

If this is your first time to the world of BREATH then this is the best release to immerse yourself with and see why these guys are worth getting genuinely excited about. Can’t wait to hear new music from the band and I’m hoping it’s equally as good as this.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Desert Records and Breath for the promo.

Primeval Transmissions (REMIXED & REMASTERED) is available to buy now on DD/Vinyl via Desert Records.


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