Tuesday 21 March 2023

Zålomon Grass - Space Opera (Album Review)

Release Date: March 10th 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Space Opera: Tracklisting

1.Cosmic Relief 03:31

2.The Drill 04:20

3.All Hands On Deck 05:48

4.Harder To Rise 05:37

5.Heard It On The News 04:39

6.Too Late Now 03:52

7.Groove To Prove 04:04

8.Don't Let Me Go Down (Space Opera) 06:37


G. Mckenzie: lead & backing vocals, electric, twelve string and acoustic guitars.

David Rodd: electric Fender bass guitar, synths & backing vocals.

Mauro Comesaña: drums, percussion & backing vocals.

Hendrik Röver: European classic guitar, Fender Rhodes & percussion.


Space Opera is the new album from Vintage Cosmic Rockers Zålomon Grass who bring a 70’s Hard Rock Entergy inspired mostly by Led Zep. The band also play strands of Blues Rock, Psych Rock and an addictive wave of Nostalgia based grooves. The music may not be classed as METAL but perhaps the precursor to Heavy Metal with a melodic outlook with their music.

The album is downright FUNKY when the Blues Rock inspired grooves are played with a fresh Classic Rock perspective that feels quite grounded even when the Cosmic/Space Rock attitude fully takes over even early on with the album on tracks such as Cosmic Relief, The Drill and All Hands On Deck. There’s some epic guitar solos that feel inspired by Peter Frampton and Eddie Van Halen. The instrumental work is insanely good which allows Zålomon Grass to have a first-rate delivery where the extended guitar solos and jams appear.

Space Opera is meant to be a concept album which is explained in greater detail on their BandCamp Page. However, Space Opera feels like a greatest hits collection of a Classic Hard Rock Band from yesteryear but still sounding original and wholly inspired when the freaky Psych/Cosmic Rock sounds are used as the prime way to playing their music. 

The mood can be quite emotionally charged, with Zålomon Grass playing to their strengths on the album’s standout tracks All Hands On Deck and Heard It On The News. There’s a slight deviation to an aggressive style of Blues Rock guitars which the band fuse heavier Psychedelic elements for a more well-rounded sound.

Zålomon Grass “wear their hearts on their sleeves” with this album. Some of the ideas for the concept album maybe too outlandish for a Classic/Retro/Hard Rock album such as this but somehow it all works. The lyrics are bloody fantastic and have a real soulful purpose to them.  The vocals on Space Opera are off the chart here. Lead vocalist G. McKenzie has an impressive vocal range here and this dude can really SING!!!. 

G. McKeznie is helped along by excellent backup vocals from David and Mauro throughout the album which can be thoroughly modern even with the main Classic Hard Rock themes of the whole album.

The production values are superbly handled and allows Zålomon Grass to have a deep, warm and engaging sound to showcase their first rate style of music that brings a banging Psych/Cosmic/Space Rock attitude to the Classic Hard Rock Underground scene.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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