Monday 20 March 2023

Green Yeti - Necropolitan (Album Review)

Release Date: March 17th 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Necropolitan: Tracklisting

1.Syracuse 02:45

2.Witch Dive 04:04

3.Jupiter 362 05:09

4.Golgotha 07:41

5.Dirty Lung 07:32

6.Kerosene 07:31

7.One More Bite 09:16


Bass: Dani Avramidis

Guitar & Vocals: Michael Andresakis

Drums: Giannis Koutroumpis


Necropolitan is the new album Psych Doom/Stoner Metallers Green Yeti and is their first album in six years. This album is a collection of Doomed Out Stoner sounds wrapped up in layers of Psych Rock, Fuzz and Desert Rock which does become slightly distorted at times. Green Yeti find their real focus when playing a swirling style of Gloomy Rhythms and KYUSS-esque extended jams. The vocals from Michael has that classic “Desert/Stoner Metal” feel even when the album ventures into areas of Doom Metal where perhaps the band’s rhythm section becomes the best part of the album with forceful Bass Guitar sounds and pounding drums to match.

The early stages of the album sees Green Yeti explore subtle  areas of creativity with early songs such as Witch Dive, Jupiter 362 and Golgotha having varied styles of WEEDIAN based music that soon goes into areas such as Space Rock and Prog Rock. The sound of the legendary DESERT SCENE feels more gloomy and desolate with Green Yeti’s use of Ambient themes especially on Jupiter 362. That song has a true “CINEMATIC” feel that allows the song to be classed more of a Post-Doom or Post-Rock song. Long droned out soundscapes were a great creative choice to make as it shows there’s something different to Green Yeti’s outlook on Stoner based music.

Fourth track Golgotha carries on the creative themes from Jupiter 362 but Green Yeti play a heavier style of Doomed Out or Spaced Out grooves. The song moves cautiously slowly at times but the grooves are heavy and plentiful with the atmosphere becoming more adventurous when the band plays a heavier style of music. The vocals are an interesting style with Michael performing a mixture of Growls, Chants and Harsh sounding vocals. The music does become a bit side-tracked in places especially when the band play a chaotic style of Sludge based grooves. Though, seemingly everything works as it should with this becoming one of the best tracks on the album.

The final three tracks of Dirty Lung, Kerosene and One More Bite are perhaps the gloomiest and heaviest parts of the album where Green Yeti embrace their “DOOM METAL” persona with devilish charm and authority. The music still has that “KICK-ASS” and WEEDIAN approach but Green Yeti switch things up on these tracks especially when the band try their hand at playing a THRASHIER style of music. Even Michael's vocals remind me of James Hetfield in places. There’s a lean and mean sounding SLUDGE and PUNK attitude that leads the creative charge with a cool Progressive flair.

Necropolitan is perhaps a “BASS” heavy album as that instrument feels the most dominant sound on the album. The sublime “DIY” production feel and flow of the album allows Necropolitan to be an intense experience which doesn’t pull any punches either. 

The instrumental work is superb and if you’re a fan of Green Yeti’s previous albums then you know what to expect even if the band have learnt lots of more different sounds to breathe new life into their style of Doom/Stoner Metal.

Green Yeti have delivered the goods yet again with Necropolitan and prove why they’re one of the best Doom/Stoner Metal bands from the Greek Underground Scene. 

Words by Steve Howe.


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