Wednesday 29 March 2023

Former Hades bassist premiers Dreams Of Venus New Song And Video

Sometime back in 1990s NYC, a power trio from the Lower East Side emerged on the scene, they called themselves
Dreams of Venus

Jimmy Schulman (Hades, Vessel Of Light, Cassius Kingon bass
Addie Flaxx (Massive Internal Complications, Pound Of Flesh) on guitar and vocals
Kirke J Blankenship (Ourson drums
 On the heels of NJ Thrashers Hades' break up Jimmy said,
"I knew I wanted to start a band with only one guitar player and base it out of NYC."

Addie added, "I had been living in Boston and moved back to my hometown NYC. I was looking to do a no bullshit thing, straight up and raw." The two were introduced one night in an East Village bar by a mutual friend, they hit it off and decided to form a band. Addie said, "When I met Jimmy it was love at 1st misadventure (laughs). We swapped party favors and band influences...then it was off to the races."
"When we met Kirke he worked at a rehearsal studio. The studio closed at 11:00PM every night and Addie an I would sneak in at midnight." said Jimmy. Addie added, "Those late-night sessions at the rehearsal space were pretty decadent. Did we play any music?? I really can't remember..."

Over the next 6 months in a haze of influential substances and like-minded musical tastes they finally emerged from the studio...the poppy seeds were sown.
Influenced by the music of the late 60s early 70s, "We knew we had something different from what was happening at the time." And the songs?

"They basically wrote themselves." said Jimmy.

Addie added, "We were pretty inspired at the time. Tunes were just pouring out of f*cking lava, baby!"

Through mismanagement and all the industry bullshit that goes along with it, Dreams Of Venus were just another promising act thrown onto the pile of never-to-be-heard bands, before them and after them. But after being shelved for so long, their 'lost tapes' made their way back to the band.

Their brand of heavy psychedelic/stoner rock and - with no short supply of wah-wah, spot on harmonies and what Addie once described as "We have a secret weapon... the Woolly Mammoth" (referring to the tone of Jimmy's bass) - rounding out the trio's sound.
Once Addie and Jimmy heard the tapes after all this time... Jimmy said, "It blew me away how the songs held up."

Addie added, "The DOV stuff was pretty much a distant cool memory for me. When Jimmy resurrected it, I admit I was a bit skeptical. After a listen I was surprised that for a run & gun live
2-track, how good the recording sounded. The performances were solid too. When the label wanted to release it I said, "well, let's put it out!"

Upon hearing a few songs, 2 European labels, Dyamond Roxx and Hellven Records scooped them up.

Now for the first time they'll be releasing what would've been their debut album Songs From The Essex Street Market