Thursday 2 March 2023

Sandrider - Enveletration (Album Review)

Release Date: March 03rd 2023. Record Label: Satanik Royalty Records. Formats: DD/VInyl

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Jon Weisnewski (Guitar/Vocals)

Jesse Roberts (Bass/Vocals)

Nat Damm (Drums)


Sludge/Stoner Rockers Sandrider return with their new album Enveletration and sees the band returning to their roots with sounds reminiscent from their acclaimed debut album but matching them agains the Hardcore Punk movement heard over their last couple of records. There's a more outlandish Punk and Psychedelic spirit on this album that brings a more aggressive Progressive feel that sees the band playing similar styles of music to their underground peers such as KYLESA and TORCHE.

The music remains constantly catchy with modern sounding waves of Sludge Power Rock merged with a kick-ass metallic Stoner edge.

Opening song Alia is classic Sandrider through and through with the band merging Post-Stoner soundscapes against a subtle Hardcore backdrop with the faster Stoner sounds allowing Sandrider to play some of the riffiest grooves they've laid down since their debut album but still building new exciting sounds for themselves to fully explore and play with. The song is highly melodic with tons of catchy guitar reverb to provide a more unsettling muscular sound when the grooves become ever more present. The top-notch vocal delivery is superb as well.

Second song Enveletration is a catchy and fast-paced Hardcore Punk based number with Sandrider holding back the Sludge/Stoner Metal backdrop before exploding into a loud wall of Psychedelic based Noise Rock sounds. The track does almost veer into the heavier depths of Sludge/Stoner Metal with the bombastic vocals and AMPLIFIER WORSHIP riffs that all combine for an unsettling "Mexican Standoff" towards the end of the song. Very hard to describe but so easily to listen to and get emotionally involved with.

Third song Circles offers a more "DOOM-POP" style song that TORCHE were known for but still having that Snadrider sludgy Hardcore Punk Rock flavour. The vocals are superb with the dual use of vintage Stoner delivery and modern day melodic Doom Rock styles which the band use similar delivery with the instrumental work. The song is very socially aware with the lyrics and it's good to see Sandrider playing to their creative strengths on this song. I can detect a Sub-Pop Records vibe going on with this track going "Grunge" in certain places but this album essentially remains a Sludge/Stoner Rock album with many different sounds and influences being used to great effect.

Fourth song Tourniquet continues with the creative journey heard within the last song but with a more positive and aggressive approach. Some epic chainsaw NOISE ROCK guitars leading the way with a Sludgy and WEEDIAN backdrop being played at a spectacular pace. Throw in a KILLER singalong chorus and Sandrider feel  like they're at the height of their creative powers with this song. The subtle use of melodic Post-Stoner tones and aggressive Sludge Rock catches the imagination the most on this track with this becoming one of the standout tracks on the album.

Fifth song Weasel is where Sandrider becomes slightly leaner and meaner with their music with the band offering another wild ride of Sludge/Punk Rock with a sense of kick-ass ANARCHY being heard within this track. The music is superbly played and the lyrics may not be as refined but they get the job done of speaking to all corners of the underground Hardcore Punk and WEEDIAN underground scenes. The funky bass guitar and drums are excellent throughout that allows the vocals and guitars to have a more menacing presence to them.

We're five songs into this album and Sandrider has astounded me with the sheer amount of great grooves and riffs the band deliver on this album. And we have five more tracks to go. Sandrider continue their Hardcore Punk/Sludge/Stoner Metal journey with even more catchy Psych Rock and Noise Rock sounds joining along the way.

The album perhaps becomes more Psychedelic based but Enveletration still remains a groove-laden Sludge/Stoner Metal monster where Sandrider adapt a more confident "POWER TRIO" approach on tracks such as Slumber, Proteus, Priest and Grouper.

Enveletration is an album that's brimming with action packed, grooves and meaty riffs that allows Sandrider to create highly original sounds of their own. The album benefits from first rate production values that gives the band a more compelling sound compared to their previous albums with Enveletration becoming an essential album to listen to, fully explore and add to your own record collection.

Simply unmissable...

Words by Steve Howe

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Enveletration will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Satanik Royalty Records from March 3rd 2023.


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