Saturday 11 March 2023

Sludge Metal Magicians GORILLA WIZARD Release New Song And Video For "No Replacement for Displacement"

New York sludge-metal magicians GORILLA WIZARD are dropping a new single, “No Replacement for Displacement”, with an accompanying and completely ridiculous music video, March 10th on Sodeh Records! Here’s a little taster to get a feel for this ripper of a track:

You’re done. You have to get out. You have to get away. It’s time. It’s time to hit the road and not look back. Thankfully, you’ve got a souped-up, big bloc hot rod turbo-fueled by daemon blood from the fourteenth necrodimension that tears holes in reality every time it shifts gears and leaves blazing, runic glyphs on the melted asphalt as it screams (literally) into the night. When you truly have to leave this place for good, there’s simply…

”No Replacement For Displacement”, the latest single from cosmic sludge-sorcerers, Gorilla Wizard, is blazing ahead of their forthcoming EP, White Knuckle/Black Magic. So buckle in, throw it in high gear and hang on for dear life!!!

“No Replacement for Displacement” is the final single before the release of Gorilla Wizard’s salacious new EP, WHITE KNUCKLE/BLACK MAGIC, releasing on all interdimensional streaming platforms on May 19th on Sodeh Records


GORILLA WIZARD is a sludge metal band from New York formed in 2018 featuring members of and Favoritje. They follow the follies of their lead guitarist and song writer, Bertrum, as he enchants audiences with wild tales and groovy riffs from his magical cauldron.

10,000 years ago, a gorilla ate a space banana and became an immortal conjurer.

9997 years later, he decided to start a death metal band.

"The riffs are highly contagious, and that crunchy, sludgy, radioactively vibrating guitar tone seems potent enough to liquefy internal organs over time" - No Clean Singing

Gorilla Wizard is big groovy sludge metal formed in New York in 2018 featuring members of Kaiju Daisenso and Favoritje. The band members follow the follies of their lead guitarist and song writer, Bertrum, as he enchants audiences with fantastic tales and big groovy riffs from his magical cauldron. Taking grooves from bands like Orange Goblin and sonic intensity from bands like Bongripper, Gorilla Wizard deliver humongous melodies and serious sonic weight.