Monday 13 March 2023

Cripta Blue - Rather With The Devil (EP Review)

Release Date: March 10th 2023. Record Label: Argonauta Records. Formats: DD

Rather With The Devil: Tracklisting

1.Figure in Black 05:47

2.Devil Got My Woman 04:12

3.Spectrum 04:16


Federico Bocchini – Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Alessandro "Zinah" Melandri – Bass and Lead Vocals

Silvio Dalla Valle – Drums and Percussions


Italian Proto-Doom Metallers Cripta Blue return with their new EP Rather With The Devil and sees the guys in fine creative spirits with their blend of Classic Hard Rock and stripped back Stoner Rock. The EP has a stripped back Psych Rock approach which was ever present on their acclaimed 2021 self-titled release.

Cripta Blue are perhaps more 70’s Hard Rock influenced on the three tracks the EP offers with a killer Garage Rock flow heard on the opening track Ride In Black. The song also has a streetwise FUZZ ROCK appeal that allows the Proto-Metal aspect of their sound to be more direct with a free-flowing LO-FI bursting from out the speakers. The vocals from Alessandro have echoes of the STADIUM ROCK bands of the Seventies Hard Rock scene. There’s some fantastic guitar solos towards the later stages of the song. 

Second Devil Got My Woman sees Cripta Blue add the classic gloomy opening from classic pulp radio serial The Shadow and Rearrangement from the original tune of Skip James - "Devil Got My Woman". The song is more DOOM orientated that you don’t initially expect but it’s offset by a pulsating Blues Rock sound with fantastical slide guitars and distant Psychedelic vibes. This track could have easily fitted without any issues on their last album. The song is quite boisterous and features impressive Progressive vibes when Cripta Blue plays a faster style of music.

Third song Spectrum is more of a solemn and moody piece compared to the other two tracks on the EP. The song is more Ambient driven in places with Cripta Blue playing Semi-Acoustic style of music. More Doom and Folk Based with the Psychedelic Blues Rock tendencies the band end the EP on. It’s quite a dark and challenging song that only comes alive when the Electric Guitars appear to give this track extra MUSCLE in the volume department.

Rather With The Devil is another exciting chapter from Cripta Blue to build their creative reputations even higher and further within the underground scene and long that may continue.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe.


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