Sunday 9 August 2015

4 Ciénegas - Cuatro Ciénegas (Album Review)

Release date: 01st July 2015. Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Cuatro Ciénegas: Tracklisting

1.Hiena 05:51
2.Damselfly 02:15
3.Dobsonfly 04:02
4.Ergot 05:53
5.Salem Trials 04:24
6.Claviceps / 04:09
7./ Cordyceps 03:22
8.E. Skimmer II 02:25

Band Members:

Daniel (Los Dealers) - Drums
Juan Tamayo (Vinnum Sabbathi- Bass
Fausto (Bar de Monjas, Megatones) - Guitar
Gerardo (Bar de Monjas, Vinnum Sabbathi)- Guitar


4 Ciénegas is a new band from Mexico and features members from some brilliant bands such as Vinnum Sabbathi, Los Dealers and Bar de Monjas. So you know with members from those bands that 4 Ciénegas is going to pure-fucking-awesome. And it is.

If you're a fan of Instrumental Desert/Stoner Rock then you're in luck as 4 Ciénegas have created something special for their debut album - Cuatro Ciénegas. An 8 song opus that runs for 30 minutes. Yeah it's on the short side but it has a ton of great desert/stoner rock riffs for you to experience. It's very trippy as the guys unleash sonic waves of psychedelic riffs. Opening track – Hiena – is loud as hell as the guys play at a fast pace with the trippy noises all coming together for one spaced out ride. Fans of Kyuss, Sleep and Monster Magnet will get a kick out of this.

Second track – Dameslfly – is a heavy-pounding number that will have Truckfighters looking over there shoulder especially with the heavy amount of FUZZ played at loud volumes. Though the best part of the track has to be the drumming by Daniel. Jesus, he's like a man possessed. Most of the heavy noise is created by Daniel's drumming. Sure the other guys do there part as well but it's Daniel's drumming that's the main focus here.

Third track – Dobsonfly – once again unleashes the FUZZ to higher levels of distorted noise. The trippy psychedelics plays a major part on this track as it's one the albums more progressive tracks. 4 Ciénegas add as many different noises and effects as they possibly can. It feels like an extended jam session at times or a competition at which band member can play the loudest. So yeah, it's heavy.....

Fourth track – Ergot opens up with a slow-paced desert rock riff with shades of psychedelic rock being added at different stages. You see a different side to 4 Ciénegas here as they play some deft touches of progressive rock. Though you don't have to wait long for 4 Ciénegas to unleash the thunder once again. As 4 Ciénegas let rip with a barrage of heavy as hell riffs. This is the stand-out track on the album in my opinion. As it sees the band create their own sound at last. Exciting stuff indeed!!!

The 2nd half of the album follows the same path as the first though with a few heavier riffs being played for good measure. Cuatro Ciénegas is a brilliant debut album that will appeal to all fans of the Fuzz/Desert/Stoner Metal movement. Cuatro Ciénegas is one addictive, loud, noisy and wild as hell ride. Embrace the FUZZ!!!!

Cuatro Ciénegas is available to buy now on BandCamp Buy Now.

Words by Steve Howe