Saturday 29 August 2015

Moonbow - Volto Del Demone (Album Review)

Release date: August 28th 2015. Label: Self Released. Formats: CD/DD

Volto Del Demone: Tracklisting

1.Devils Floor 04:21
2.Take Me Home 04:43
3.Volto Del Demone 04:57
4.The Wait 03:47
5.Memories Ahead 04:09
6.Mission 35 02:51
7.One Way to Die 03:49
8.Face of the Demon(ft.HANK 3) 05:20

Band Members:

Matt Bischoff-Vocals
David McElfresh-Guitars
Ryan McAllister-Bass
Steve Earle-Drums


Moonbow released a superb debut album – The End Of Time - back in 2013 which picked up some minor acclaim. Two years later the guys are back with their second album - Volto Del Demone. Moonbow could of picked up where their debut album left off but the guys have released something different. As their second album is an acoustic slice of Americana fused take on Stoner Rock.

It's still got the familiar trapping of Blues Fused Hard Rock/Stoner Rock from the debut album but Moonbow now offer a more psychedelic and stripped back approach to their music. Fiddles, violins are mixed superbly well with the normal musical instruments the band play so well. Opening track – Devil's Floor – is a blues heartfelt romantic stoner rock number for all you outlaws out there. Moonbow open your mind to new musical possibilities especially when they blend Country/Americana with some finely played Stoner Rock riffs.

Second track – Take Me Home – is more of an blues rock style fable with traces of grunge appearing here and there. It's very dark and mysterious especially with the dark lyrical content and Matt's vocals. It's a slow-paced anthem which strikes the perfect balance between semi-acoustic rock to the heavier stoner riffs that appear towards the end of the song. Fans of Alice In Chains will find a lot to admire here especially with Matt's vocals.

Third track – Volto Del Demone – has a classic Western film soundtrack feel to it though it's still very psychedelic at times. Yet again the music is very slow-paced which only adds to the atmosphere. This track can be classed as one of the albums stand-out tracks as the different vocal styles compliment each other very well.

The rest of the album keeps to the same ideas and rhythms as the first few songs as Moonbow have crafted a stunning set of songs that world weary, emotional and heartfelt all at the same time. Other great songs to check out are – The Wait, Memories Ahead, One Way To Die and Face Of The Demon.

Wait until you hear Face Of The Demon as Moonbow collaborate with perhaps the most legendary Hard Rock/Country Rock Outlaw himself – HANK 3. The song is a strange affair with trippy psychedelic noises, far eastern chimes, Americana based guitars and HANK 3 on fine demented form.

Moonbow could of released another album that sounded like The End Of Time. And people would still of enjoyed it. But Nope, Moonbow said - TO HELL WITH CONVENTION!!! - They decided to release an album with such emotional depth and intriguing ideas that one listen is never enough. I think Volto Del Demone will be considered Moonbow's definitive album and one even themselves will find very hard to beat. I hope I'm wrong but I cannot see the guys topping this fantastic effort.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Mona at Platinum PR for the promo. Volto Del Demone is available to buy on CD/DD now.