Sunday 9 August 2015

Project Armageddon - Cosmic Oblivion (Album Review)

Release date: June 13th 2015. Label: Shattered Man Records. Formats: CD/DD

Cosmic Oblivion: Tracklisting

1.Cosmic Crush
2.Vortex to Oblivion
3.Lost to Forever
4.Frigid Bitch
5.Deceiver* (Judas Priest)
6.Time's Fortune (Acoustic)
7.Tides of Doom (Live)

Band Members:

Doomstress Alexis-Bass & Vox
Brandon Johnson-Lead Guitar
Raymond Matthews-Drums.


Project Armageddon is a well respected Doom Metal Band from Houston, Texas. I've heard of the band during my time reviewing and interviewing bands within the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal scene but I'm afraid to say I hadn't heard any of the band's material before I downloaded the excellent Doomed & Stoned Compilation –The Enchanter's Ball – as Project Armageddon stood out for me.

Alexis being the cool lady of Doom that she is, kindly provided me with a copy of the bands latest album and their 3rd so far – Cosmic Oblivion. They've come highly recommended by Doomed & Stoned and that's enough recommendation for me to check out. So what do we have with Cosmic Oblivion. Well you have 4 new tracks, 1 awesome Judas Priest Cover and a pair of old tracks given the Acoustic and Live makeover treatment.

So let's get started with the four new songs as Project Armageddon open with the heavy as hell instrumental track – Cosmic Crush. 8 minutes of long drawn out doomy riffs that harks back to the days of classic doom where the music had purpose and the power to thrill you. Project Armageddon create an eerie atmosphere as the pounding drums of Raymond create a sense of danger for the band to build upon. The lead guitar and bass guitar from Brandon and Alexis respectively are played with precision and deadly purpose. Shades of Black Sabbath appear from time to time but Project Armageddon have been around long enough to stamp their own take on all things Doom Metal.

Second track – Vortex To Oblivion – opens with a creepy style occult rock riff with the band building different layers of doom to entice you with. It can be very slow-paced at times but who's going to argue with the band. I'm not. I'm enjoying the heavy and brutal atmosphere with the doom and gloom riffs starting to take hold. The instrumental work is superb through-out. When Alexis finally starts singing with her banshee like vocals, you can hear why Project Armageddon are so highly thought of. Alexis just kills it on vocals, she is the pure embodiment of DOOM!!! - The vocals are sultry, dangerous and highly volatile at times. The riffs courtesy of Brandon, create a sense of eerie tension with Raymond bashing the hell out of his drums like his live depended on it. Probably my fave track on the album.

Third Track – Lost To Forever – carries on the same startling vibe from Vortex To Oblivion though played at a faster pace and with a more harsher tone. It can be very psychedelic at times as Alexis shows her impressive vocal range once again. The lyrics can be very bleak at times but that's expected from Project Armageddon as they're not afraid to explore dark lyrical content. The band even manage to add beautiful sonic noises during the 2nd half of the track which can only be described as – TRIPPY AS HELL. Hell, the band even play some impressive NWOBHM beats and riffs towards the end.

Fourth Track – Frigid Bitch – is the albums more traditional hard rock number with the band still performing some heavy doomy riffs. It's a good song but it's one I consider one of the weaker tracks on the album. Still some damn good instrumental work by all involved.

Up next is a brilliant cover of the Judas Priest classic – Deceiver – and the band more than make it their own. So what do Project Armageddon do with their version. Well it's more doomier and slightly longer than the original as the band slow the riffs down to create something different to the original. Which is what a cover should actually be all about.

The final two songs are different versions of Project Armageddon classic tracks. Times Fortune is a killer acoustic version with Alexis on sparkling form. It's good to hear a different side to the band. Definitely one of the albums highlights. Tides Of Doom is a superb live performance from the band. It can be rough to hear at times but it shows how great this band is on a live stage. Heavy and confident as hell.

Cosmic Oblivion is a stunning album for all you Doom Metal fanatics. Check it out as you need to check out Project Armageddon now.

Thanks to Alexis for the promo. Cosmic Oblivion is out to buy now on CD via Shattered Man Records from all good stockists.

Words by Steve Howe