Monday 3 August 2015

MiNUSS - EP1 (EP Review)

Release date: July 23rd 2015. Label: Self Released. Formats: CD/DD

EP1: Tracklisting

1.Number 1 03:31
2.Too 01:27
3.Ivory Tower 02:08
4.Atomic Ski 03:17

Band Members:

Rerb – Guitars/Vox
Jern – Drums


MiNUSS and myself go way back. I known these guys for the best part of a decade now and they're fantastic musicians and being good all round dudes as well. Without these guys I wouldn't of started blogging at all as I started The Sludgelord blog to review their other bands 2nd album – Psycho Monster Revolution.

Rerb and Jern aka The Lowdon Brothers are from well respected North East Stoner Rockers – Sorry For Nothing – have formed a new band – MiNUSS and it's a dirty lo-fi Punk Rock driven slice of fast paced Sludge. Totally different from Sorry For Nothing.

It's only 10 minutes long but what a blast of fresh air its. It's loud, mean, nasty and violent mixed with the swagger of a band who play for the hell of it. Opening track – Number 1 – is possibly the heaviest material I've heard from John and Rob. Rob is angry as hell on vox and guitar duties whilst John is still trying to resolve his anger issues on the drums. If you ever get to see these guys in concert as MiNUSS or Sorry For Nothing, you're in for a treat as they're one of the tightest units around. Heck these guys have even supported Fu Manchu, Truckfighters and The Answer.

Though this is MiNUSS's turn in the spotlight as they blast their way through their Motorhead inspired punk/sludge rock anthems such as Ivory Tower and Atomic Sky. Atomic Sky is possibly the best track on the EP as it's another dirty slice of lo-fi violent punk carnage sludge based riffs. It's not the best sounding of EP's but I think that's John and Rob's original intention, mainly to release something that sounds like it was recorded in the mid 70s when Punk was on the rise and they didn't give a FUCK what you think about them. EP1 has that same sort of sound though the sludge riffs reign supreme.

Give it a blast as you'll be very surprised what you find here. Two great musicians making violent noises and having fun at the same time. Bring on the full length record. You can download EP1 from BandCamp now.

Words by Steve Howe