Wednesday 19 August 2015

Fuzziebär - Lach- und Krachgeschichten (Album Review)

Release date: August 07th 2015. Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Lach- und Krachgeschichten: Tracklisting

1.Funny Ass Joke 06:01
2.Oszillation 04:29
3.Furry Love 05:16
4.Links Baby 03:48
5.Medizin 09:07
6.Party 03:55
7.Katapult 03:10
8.Stevia 06:24
9.Kosmopolit 05:02
10.Vomit 02:40
11.Rennrad 06:05
12.Automat 03:10
13.Little Love 08:59

Band Members:

Ingo, (gt, voc)
Lennart (bs, voc)
Animal (dr)


Fuzz/Stoner/Psych-Rockers – Fuzziebär – play a fuzzed blend of Space/Stoner Rock with the focus being on Fuzz Rock as it’s very loud at times. Their debut album – Lach- und Krachgeschichten – runs for an epic 70 minutes. That may test some people’s patience and maybe the band could have cut a few songs from the album. Though it would have been a hard job to decide which ones as this album is packed full of great songs.

The vocals are mainly in German but that doesn’t stop you enjoying the highly atmospheric vibe the band has created here. The first few opening tracks – Funny Ass Joke, Oszillation and Furry Love sees Fuzziebär live up to the “Fuzz” part of their name as it’s loud, raucous and undeniably fun. The band creates sonic noises and riffs that see a Truckfighters influence for everyone to admire and enjoy.

Fuzziebär have a slight chaotic garage rock feel to their music as the sound can be quite jarring at times. Especially on 4th track – Link’s Baby – as Fuzziebär combine Garage Rock dynamics with trippy psychedelic fuzz riffs. Sometimes it works and sometimes it feels a bit flat. I will give the guys credit for using a clip from classic movie – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure as I recognise the music being played in the background. And I think the actual clip is when Sigmund Freud is analysing Ted. Anyway, I digress. Link’s Baby is a very cool song indeed as it shows how experimental Fuzziebär can be.

The album is more of a sonic/space rock odyssey. It’s epic as heck. Fuzziebär sound is very diverse at times especially on the later tracks. It even ventures into 70s Progressive Rock territory with hints of Doom playing in the background. Other fantastic tracks to check out are: Medizin, Party, Stevia and Little Love. If you want to hear and experience something different within the world of Fuzz/Space Rock then Fuzziebär is the band for you.

The production can be hit and miss at times as the sound becomes too quiet and distant. It only happens a few times but it’s definitely noticeable. That’s my only complaints for the album as Fuzziebär have more than enough great music to impress you with. All in all this album is a trippy and weird as hell out of body experience. Check it out and experience the FUZZ for yourself!!!

Awesome Stuff. It’s available to buy on BandCamp Buy Now.

Words by Steve Howe