Tuesday 11 August 2015

Shooting Guns/Hawkeyes - Brothers Of The Nod (Album Review)

Release date: August 15th 2015. Label: Helmet Lady Records. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Brothers Of The Nod: Tracklisting

1.Shooting Guns - Mega Volcano 06:06
2.Shooting Guns - Halls of Grief
3.Shooting Guns - Heavy Dissent
4.Hawkeyes - Hotter Than Ten Hundred Suns 08:57
5.Hawkeyes - The Charred Skull of McLean Stevenson
6.Hawkeyes - Orange Monkey (Hotter Reprise)

Shooting Guns - Band Members:

Keef, Laramee, Jay Loos, Jim Ginther, Toby Bond, Zach Low, Brennan Barclay

Hawkeyes – Band Members

Patrick, Ron, Ryan, Rob, Stacey, Chris


Two of Canada’s finest Instrumental Doom Metal Bands have teamed up for one trippy, psyched out and exciting split record – Brothers Of The Nod. Shooting Guns and Hawkeyes provide 3 tracks each to thrill you with. Both bands have created around 18 minutes of trippy, psychedelic instrumental doom metal magic. Brothers Of The Nod will be released by rising record label – Helmet Lady Records.

Up first is Shooting Guns, who’ve been making a name for themselves recently with their blend of psychedelic doom/stoner metal. There last release was the soundtrack to acclaimed B-Movie cult classic – Wolfcop. This record sees Shooting Guns return to their doomier sounds compared to the ambient/electronic rhymes they created for Wolfcop OST. Opening track – Mega Volcano - contains fast-paced riffs where the mood is split between Doom Metal atmospherics and a constant supply of psychedelic stoner based noises.

Second track – Halls Of Grief – sees Shooting Guns in a more doom and gloom mood compared to the opening track. It’s a very atmospheric piece with the drumming being a constant source of highly volatile noise and pounding rhythms. This track feels it was recorded from the “Brotherhood Of The Ram” sessions. So you if you dig that album like I do then you know what to expect. Space Rock merged with trippy synth based noises with attitude to match. The ambient/sonic noises takes Shooting Guns almost back to the land of 80s based TV/Movie soundtracks as they’ve managed to merge the tone from WolfCop OST and the heavy doomier psychedelics of Brotherhood Of The Ram. It’s my fave track from Shooting Guns side of the album.

Third Track – Heavy Dissent – starts very slowly adding different layers of glitched based noises with the band playing a more distinctive ambient style of Psych Doom Rock. It’s another cosmic/space driven track with the band channelling HAWKWIND and OM based riffs. A stunning end to Shooting Guns contribution.

Up next is Psychedelic Doom Riffsters – Hawkeyes. They get the same rules as Shooting Guns to impress you with. 3 tracks and almost 18 minutes of trippy psychedelic magic. Hawkeyes opening track or 4th track overall is – Hotter Than Ten Hundred Suns. Hawkeyes music whilst familiar to Shooting Guns, these guys are way more into Space Rock and this is a wonderful sounding track that reminded me how good of a band Hawkeyes actually are. Intricate space/cosmic riffs matched against the heavier doomier noises they create here. Throw in a superb electronic piano/organ playing in the background and Hawkeyes firmly grab your attention. Sonic excellence is achieved.

Fifth track – The Charred Skull of McLean Stevenson – is another slice of cosmic based vibes with Hawkeyes unleashing the heaviest track on the album. It’s perhaps the most psychedelic offering as well. As the band create noisy and sometimes spectacular loud music to lose yourself in. Hawkeyes manage to create a twisted doomier vision with shades of 60s Psychedelic Rock appearing towards the end.

Last but by no means least is – Orange Monkey (Hotter Reprise) – where Hawkeyes treat you to one final slab of 60s Psych Rock inspired Doom/Stoner Metal madness. As the song has a distorted edge to it which can even be classed as a drone based atmosphere at times. Whatever you want to call it, this is a fantastic way to end the album. Two great bands showing you what they can fully do.

Brothers Of The Nod is a superb split album by two awesome bands you need to check out now. If you’re into spaced out instrumental doom/stoner metal then you can’t go wrong with these guys as they prove they’re two of the best upcoming instrumental rock bands around.

Thanks to Brotherhood Of The Ram for the promo. Brothers Of The Nod will be available to buy on DD/Vinyl from Helmet Lady Records from August 15th 2015.

Words by Steve Howe

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