Saturday 22 August 2015

Vodun - Minos Army (Single Review)

Release date: August 14th 2015. Label: Riff Rock Records Formats: DD

Minos Army: Tracklisting

Minos Army

Band Members:

Ogoun, The Marassa, Oya


Hotly tipped UK Psych/Hard Rock/Doom/Stoner Rockers – Vodun – are not only a very hard band to describe but on their new single – Minos Army – they're in a league of their own. Damn this is good and I mean really good.

Minos Army is a Soulful Doom/Blues/Stoner Rock crusade of blistering riffs and soaring vocals. It's a crazy psychedelic affair and 3 minutes is never enough to listen to Vodun as this band is fucking addictive!!! - Their music is inspired by a whole range of genres and sounds but Vodun manage to create their own sound. They call they're sound – Heavy Blues Psych – which is a great description though it's got a heavy style of Stoner Metal running through it's veins.

Lead vocalist – Oya – brings a world-weary presence to the band with her delicate soulful bluesy vocals. Match them with the blistering music from Ogoun and Ghede on Drums and Guitars respectively then you have a psychedelic power trio who have the potential to become one of the breakout stars in 2016 when they release their hotly tipped debut album – Possession.

Until then enjoy Minos Army which is parts Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, QOTSA and a whole truckload of crazy psychedelic beats. VODUN – you have my attention. 2016 can't come quickly enough. I want to hear POSSESSION now. Awesome stuff.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Leigh Jones at Riff Rock Records for the promo. Minos Army is available to buy now from BandCamp.